Era of Pegasus.

        Canterlot became the center of trade and government for the majority of Equestria. It grew large and was soon a thriving Metropolis. The royalty at the time was Queen Nova and King Quasar Sol and their rule was just but the ponies had spoken and changes had been made. Alongside the King and Queen another ruling body, called the Tackracy, was created. The Tackracy was a group of nobles who were brought together after the ponies began voicing their concerns of possible misuse of power. At first they acted as advisers and together they organized the issues of the kingdom to make them easier to address. The King and Queen were hesitant and their intuition soon proved to be correct. The Tackracy took it upon themselves to not just organize the issues in general but they soon began to pick what they thought to be the most important and after awhile they began accepting and denying requests at their own leisure. Soon the Tackracy became an impassible wall between the ponies and their beloved rulers.

        The unrest grew and it was almost tangible when one trotted through the streets of Canterlot. Not only had they shut a door between the Royals and their people, but they had stopped communication with all the races outside of Canterlot. The only place that remained oblivious to the plight of the ponies was the Academy of Mages. Sequestered from society the mages busied themselves with their magic, unaware of the growing gap between the ponies and their rulers. Though their magic was powerful, the academy remained naïve and blind to everything that was going on around the city.

        The Moon family's magic was renown throughout the land but the family itself began to grow smaller with each passing generation. The beauty of those born to the Sol line was irresistible and the families found their lines merging. The last thoroughbreds from the Moon family ran the academies exactly like their ancestors. Fixated on either history or magic they created, recorded and taught those that came with an eagerness to learn. The last of the Moon family consisted of Mysteria and Historia Moon and their children Midnight and Arcana Moon. Mysteria Moon occupied himself every day with study and found no patience for teaching any except the most exceptional of students. His wife Historia Moon, the heir of Ira's power, took control of the teaching aspect as well as chronicling any finds of her husbands work.

        Their eldest, Midnight Moon, Left the academy to continue her research at a long abandoned castle which sat alone, far between any cities. There she studied to create a way to deliver messages directly to a pony's mind safely from great distances, but this Rainbow Messenger proved tricky to predict as most times the recipient of the messages became obsessed with the and carried out whatever was said obsessively. Though she recorded all her steps she kept many of her most important notes hidden. The Rainbow Messenger proved to be a failure and she soon busied herself with her next experiment which she had began calling The Rainbow of Light.

        Whispers of her research reached far and it soon drew the attention of very old enemies of the ponies that had remained in hiding. With the Canterlot on the verge of a revolution the Centaurs found it safe to move and they stormed Midnight's Castle. Their siege was fast and none had seen them coming until they were at the gates. Midnight's guards and pupils were slaughtered and Midnight was tortured until she gave up the secret to her Rainbow Messenger before her all life faded from her eyes. The Centaurs searched the castle and one found scraps of research hinting at the possibility of taking the Rainbow Messenger further, not only altering their thoughts but changing their vary bodies to suit the needs of the caster. This was brought to the young Centaur leader, who was known by the ancient title Tirac. Tirac was gifted in both strength and magic and quickly twisted the Rainbow Messenger to suit his needs. He called it, the Rainbow of Darkness and he used it to turn the surviving unicorns into Stratadons. These creatures were violent, mindless beasts and their thoughts became shackled to Tirac's will.

        Mysteria soon heard of the tragedy and immediately he gathered the academy for an attack against the centaurs. The arrived at night, with their cloaks of black they silently slid through the shadows and into the castle, but the Centaurs were ready and ponies did not know of the creatures Tirac had created. The battle was fierce and the losses on both sides were great but the Unicorn mages soon pushed the remaining Centaurs from the castle. Most of the mages had been killed, Mysteria had been slain by one of Tirac's Stratadons, while Historia had been badly wounded. Arcana had received a few minor wounds and he quickly ordered that his mother be taken back to the safety of Canterlot. Tirac had escaped and he took with him the Rainbow of Darkness.

        Arcana sifted through the destruction to find his sister's research. Most had been destroyed but Arcana found some hidden tomes that chronicled the end of his sister's experiments and found her research on the Rainbow Messenger. At the very end he found notes on his sisters newest experiment that she hadn't been able to start. With the Rainbow Messenger research and these new notes he may have found a way to counter Tirac's dark spell. It took days but soon he had perfected the spell that should defeat the Rainbow of Darkness.

        As expected, Tirac returned. His numbers had been reduced to him, two of his soldiers and a few Stratadons. The Centaurs were savage and would not be defeated so easily. They broke through the first lines of defense but when he came into the main hall a flash of light crashed into the closest Stratadon, there was an explosion of light and the Stratadon had been turned back into a Unicorn. The light jumped around the room erratically, almost playfully. Tirac was not amused and he loosed the Dark Rainbow and the two danced about the room in battle. Arcana and Tirac will's struggled and they both remained motionless, completely focused on directing the fight between light and dark. The fight remained a stalemate and soon both sides saw the futility and called back their spells. Tirac took a moment to survey the scene. His stratadons had been changed back to Unicorns, one of his soldiers was dead and the other was wounded. He was ferocious but not stupid. He called for a retreat and he fled the castle again taking the Rainbow of Darkness with him. Arcana and the mages dug in and prepared for another attack but none came.

        Arcana returned to Canterlot to not only find his mother in critical condition but the city itself was on edge, ready to turn against the governing body. Arcana was hurt and tired, he made his way through the tense city to the academy and finally to his mother's side. A Centaur had crushed her front leg and punctured her lungs and spine with his spear. She wheezed painfully and Arcana felt useless again. He had lost his father and sister to the Centaurs and he was about to lose his mother as well. When the moon shone in the sky Historia woke up and asked for paper and writing utensil. On the paper she wrote out the secret Lunar Arts. She wanted Arcana to take on the responsibility of the Moon. He refused but his mother simply smiled and closed her eyes. Her wheezing stopped and her breaths became still. In silence he took the paper, he knew the importance of what she had wrote and though he was hurting he began to study again. He learned the secrets of the Moon, he had lost his entire family and the city was on the brink of tearing itself apart. He didn't know what to do but he pulled his father books from the shelves in hopes they could give him an idea, with these he made his way to the Castle. He was stopped once but as both the new head of the academy and keeper of the Moon he stood on equal footing as the king and queen. He personally delivered the news of his families destruction.

        Condolences were given but the matters of government had to come first for all of them. The Tackracy had to be dealt with and the common ponies had to be put back at ease. The first problem was the King and Queen had not produced any heirs, the Queen was found to be barren and the next heir had been secretly chosen from their closest kin. His name was Carnelian, a Pegasus, and he had already been taught the Solar Arts and was being groomed to take over the throne. All that could be done was to show the people what the Tackracy was really doing and restore the common ponies faith in their King and Queen.

        Behind closed doors the King and Queen, with the help of Arcana and Prince Carnelian, they plotted ways to show the ponies the Tackracy for what it was. Finally they settled on a simple plan. Arcana would watch the Tackracy and then send whispers of it's corruption out into the ears of the common ponies, whispers of hidden agendas and how they hold the King and Queen almost as prisoners to keep them from talking to the ponies. This they would allow to sit in the minds of everypony until the Summer Sun Festival where, while King Quasar displayed his mastery of the Sun to bring hope to everyone, Queen Nova would try to descend into the crowd. If the Tackracy stopped her it would be out for everyone to see, if they did not she would be able to find distraught ponies and begin restoring faith to individuals who would hopefully see through the screen they had put between everyone. Prince Carnelian would keep an eye on the Tackracy, to them he was a silly royal family member with no power, he could safely watch them and if they had any plans he would alert Arcana immediately. They all went their separate ways to carry out their part of the plan. It was simple but hopefully it would work.

        It was easy to spread words of dissent among the already agitated ponies. Arcana handled his affairs and every so often would let slip things he had noticed about their current government. Mostly through questions he spread doubt and it wasn't long before everypony was talking. Prince Carnelian watched the group of nobles closely but they were so caught up in their attempt to control and organize the people against the King and Queen they barely talked about little else. When the Summer Sun Festival came the entire city felt the extreme tension. Even if their plan didn't work, something was going to happen today. As everyone gathered in the dark morning to watch their King, the Queen tried to descend the stairs into the crowd. She was met by two guards who tried to gently suggest she stayed where she was. In a slightly louder voice than necessary she told the guards, equally gently, that she would be fine and that she wanted to see her subjects. As the guards tried to convince her otherwise they began to draw the attention of other ponies. All eyes were drawn to the scene as the guards began to lose patience with the calm demeanor of the Queen. Silence fell through the crowd as one guard finally snapped and yelled for the Queen to stay put. The Queen looked upon the sea of faces that were harboring anger and had heard whispers of such things. In a flash one of the ponies from the crowd jumped to a nearby stage and pointed out the goings on, he talked passionately of the corruption that they could now all see. As the ponies listened the Queen again asked the guards to let her pass. With the situation as it was the guards had no choice. She made her way to the stage and stood next to the pony that spoke so openly. With soothing words she told of how her and her husband had been prisoners in their own castle and as she told the ponies this the King made his way into the sky and slowly brought the sun up.

        The hearts of the ponies were lifted and they all rallied around their Queen. They marched themselves to the palace where they all pushed into the great hall where the Tackracy met. The group had been warned by a guard but they were not ready for the sheer numbers that now crowded into the castle. They nervously tried to answer the questions that were hurled at them from the crowd. They all knew that one wrong word could send these ponies into a riot. As they were questioned, ponies broke away from the main crowd and began to search the castle. They quickly discovered their submitted requests for audience with the King and Queen neatly piled in a large trash bin. This was dragged to them alongside the letters of concern that had been marked “rubbish” in big red letters. The Tackracy saw that they could not quell what was before them now, they pleaded for mercy. They told of the seduction of power and how it easily had twisted them into what they were. The ponies did not believe this and they stripped the nobles of their titles. The Tackracy was dismantled and the people again could freely talk to their beloved rulers.

        Time went by and the city was at ease. The fate of the Moon family had been told and the city mourned the loss alongside Arcana who was able to finally get his family affairs in order. The King and Queen told of their inability to produce and heir and they introduced Prince Carnelian as their chosen successor. The ponies loved the Pegasus Prince but they were hesitant to let the powers shift so much so quickly. Arcana again walked the streets and listened to the concerns. He now had time to study more of his mother and father's books and soon he found an answer. Arcana himself could produce no heirs either, his final battle with Tirac had taken away this ability, but he didn't know any he believed to be ready to take on the challenge of the Lunar Arts.

        Arcana again met with the King and Queen and this time he told them he could help him and the Queen create legitimate heirs for the Moon and Sol line. His research suggested away to create children who would be directly connected to the Sun and Moon. Children of the Sacred Arts could stand among the people for as long as the two orbs encircled their globe. There was a catch. The current rulers of the spheres would have to sacrifice the power and infuse it with their very life to help it grow. The children born would be immortal and would be taught to rule over Equestria justly. The King and Queen were hesitant at first but as they felt age upon them and they looked at the hungry eyes of the nobles they knew it would be the safest option. The King agreed to give his life but Prince Carnelian would not here of it. He told the king that the children would need both of them to teach them all the things they needed to know. He had been taught the Solar Arts and he would give his life. They argued but the Prince could not be swayed. They agreed and prepared for the ritual.

        Arcana set his affairs in order with the academy, he spent days talking to the top students and he had chosen a new Academy head. A young filly that reminded him of his sister by the name of Starlight Sparkle. She was of the first line that descended from the mixing of the Sol and Moon family and Arcana saw great promise in their line.

When the time had come he silently took leave of the academy, he was not one for long goodbyes. He made his way to the castle and met with the Prince outside, together they made their way into the empty hall and there they met the King and Queen. He had outlined the ritual for the King who was to perform it. Carnelian and Arcana sat and waited as the King began, slowly they began to feel tired as their life and magic was drained from them and transferred to the queen. They closed their eyes and slipped into their eternal sleep. It was said they passed in protection of Canterlot and they were recorded as Heroes. Arcana was buried alongside his family and Prince Carnelian was entombed in the Royal crypt with the rulers of the past.

        The Queen grew heavy with child. From the union of Unicorn and Pegasus the two children were born. Two little Alacorns were brought into a world that had not seen this race for thousands of years. A white filly with a rose mane and a deep blue filly with the night sky in her hair. They were named Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They were taught to uphold truth and honor and they frequently made trips into the city and they grew up not only in the castle but among the people. The ponies of Canterlot loved their new Princesses and everypony felt like they were their own family as well. They traveled Equestria, to each pony city, as they grew meeting the inhabitants of their land. With their help all the ponies grew to know each other and peace quickly spread through the Equestria.

        The offspring of Tirac returned once more with his Rainbow of Darkness, but with the help of ponies and some of the hidden humans he was defeated. The Rainbow of Darkness and the Rainbow of Light were sealed into gems and became known as the Elements of Harmony and the Elements of Discord.

        The humans that had survived Salendar and Alexis' madness did not remain hidden. Most came out either attempting to fulfill revenge against the ponies who they blamed for their destruction, but some tried to nurture peace. The greater number of humans were greedy and simply sought power.

        The Academy did not last long without the guidance of the Moon family. It quickly became a place to compete with magic and the ponies began producing more dangerous spells. It was closed but their magic was not lost.

        Many stories of the past have been lost. The race of the Alacorn was all but forgotten, and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were looked upon as special, almost god-like beings.

        It wasn't long before the old family lines were mixed and finally lost altogether. Few had family names and even fewer, if any, knew what they meant.

We come to the end of our tale. The ponies were at peace with each other, but there were still those who would try and break it.