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I strive to provide realistic simulations by continuously learning the latest tools, softwares, and workflows from my superiors for working in a fast-paced production pipeline.


FX Artist, Digic Pictures

Budapest, HU  — Feb 2nd, (2016) - Present

  • Created FX for Square-Enix Final Fantasy XV: Kingslaive film

  • Worked on several game cinematic titles for FX in Houdini and Maya

Houdini FX and Lighting Artist, Digital Domain LA

Los Angeles —  Aug 3rd, (2015) - Oct 16th, (2015)

  • Working on lighting in VRay for Maya on Starz TV show ‘Black Sails’

  • Creating cloud FX in Houdini rendered with Mantra

FX and Lighting/Texture Artist, Moving-Picture Company NY/LA

New York, NY —  Aug - Nov. 1st  (2013) - Jan. 13th - Feb 28th (2014) -  May 22nd - May 28th (2015)

  • Worked on effects for several commercials including ncloth effects, nparticle, and maya fluids

  • Assisted lighting for a few commercials using Mental Ray, Arnold and textured environment assets in Mari

FX and Lighting Artist, Framestore NY/LA

New York, NY — July - August  (2013), Los Angeles  CA —  May, 19th (2014) — Feb, 15th (2015)

  • Worked on  various commercials at the LA office for lighting, some texturing in Mari, and effects created in Houdini -- 7up ‘Light it up’ w/ Tiesto + Martin Garrix (2015), Julius Baer (2015), Target Holiday Commercials (2014-2015)

  • Assisted with Houdini shatter assets and simulations for "Barriers" -- Mercedes-Benz CLA Class Commercial (2013)

Digital Tutors

March - May (2015)

  • Created the series Developing a “Workflow for Rendering Fur in V-Ray”

  • In this V-Ray tutorial we learn how texture maps are driven to stylize fur, how to paint maps and also how to optimize settings while rendering fur.

Lead FX Artist and Lighting, Panda Panther

New York, NY — May ­ July (2012)

        ● Worked on over 10 shots creating effects for Spyro: Skylanders 3DS using Maya fluids and


        ● Worked on lighting using V­Ray for Maya in Spyro: Skylanders 2 Wii including effects for several

shots involving Maya fluids and nParticles


Intern at The Molecule — August – October (2011) worked with Maya fluids on “Hellraiser’s”.

Intern at Resident — May - August (2011) Learned V-Ray and Nuke compositing.

Intern at Biodigital — January -April (2011) Learned Maya particles, basic lighting, and editing in AE.


Outstanding Achievement Award - Provided by the School of Visual Arts Computer Animation and

Visual Effects department for our senior thesis film, “Puggums”.

Siggraph LA (2012) - “Getaway” submission accepted to Siggraph which I worked on lighting, rendering and compositing using V-Ray for Maya and Nuke.


  • Effects — Houdini, Maya, Realflow
  • Lighting/Rendering — V-Ray, Mental Ray, Arnold, Krakatoa, Mantra
  • Compositing — Nuke, After Effects
  • Texturing —  Mudbox, Mari, Photoshop, Illustrator


School of Visual Arts BFA Computer Animation and Visual Effects — 2009-2013


Available upon request.