This document is undoubtedly dated. I considered removing it but since it’s still referenced I thought it’s best to leave it up for historical purposes. If you would like to make any additions/corrections here’s the full URL from which you can request access:

Following up on a recent comment I’m providing a list of doll related things to do in Japan. While far from thorough, it covers quite a bit if you’re just passing through.



If you’ve yet to go to Japan, Akihabara is probably near the top of your list. Head over to Radio Kaikan where Azone and Volks have shops on the 7th and 8th floors, respectively. As you’d expect all the branded stock is what’s available online. However Volks also has consignment items and Azone stocks small quantities of doll-sized things in addition to their own stuff. Elsewhere in Radio Kaikan I have seen dolls in second hand shops but expect YJA prices.

Further down the street you’ll find Volks Hobby Paradise. There’s not much to buy but depending on event space usage you’ll also see dolls on display there.

If you prefer a look that isn’t mass produced, head across the river to Dolk Tokyo where a lot of consignments are sold. The shop appears small (street view) but there’s a second floor with a separate entrance around the corner. On both floors you’ll find various wigs and clothes for BJDs of all sizes.

Searching for something specific? Something long sold out perhaps? Head across Chuo Dori to Mandarake. Be forewarned though, the prices hurt more in person than they do online.

Also worth mentioning:

For completeness, I’ll list the shops in Osaka and Nagoya. Descriptions withheld to avoid repetition.


Volks         Azone                Dolk


Azone                Dolk

Of course, there are other shops but these are the most accessible and are listed on their respective websites.


        Hands down, the best doll-related thing to do is attend events. I’ve attended a few wouldn’t hesitate to go back for another. I’ll add more later but for now I’ll list them and their respective websites:

Dollpa - Held by Volks, often held in Tokyo or Kyoto, venue varies by season.

Dollshow - Not sponsored by any manufacturer but vendors like Azone and Mamachapp among others rent out large booths.

I*Doll - Not as large as the other events but holds events all across Japan from Sendai to Fukuoka. The Tokyo events are still quite large though.

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Doll Guide

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Table of Contents

1. Overview

  1. About Dolls
  1. Average costs
  2. Community links
  1. Places to Find Doll Photos
  2. Types, Sizes and Scales
  1. Iconic dolls
  1. Skin tones

2. Buying Dolls

  1. Primary Sources
  2. Aftermarket

3. Buying Miscellaneous

  1. Clothing, Accessories
  2. Wigs
  3. Eyes

4. Doll Care

  1. General maintenance

5. FAQs, do / don’t

  1. general
  2. storage

1. Overview

a. About

Dolls are designed to be customized.

They can change:

  1. clothes
  2. hands
  3. shoes
  4. eyes (unless they’re painted on)
  5. wig (unless they have rooted hair)

They can either be built from scratch or completed dolls can be purchased as limited releases or standard models.

Dolls can be broadly split between:

Silicone dolls

i. Average Costs

On average, dolls are more expensive than the typical collector’s hobby. Discretion should be made with your purchases.

Note: If you are finding it hard to afford your first doll you may want to reconsider your purchase. Doll costs grow exponentially

Currency Exchange Calculator

ii. Community links

IRC : #doll, #DollfieDream on

Forums : Dollfie Dreams | Den of Angels

        Flickr : DD Flickr group | Azone International Flickr group

b. Places to Find Doll Photos

2ch Doll Thread Archives:

Blog Roll

c. Types, Sizes and Scales

Note: There too many doll types/scales to list. Only /jp/ related ones have been listed.

⅓ Scale (55-60cm)

Volks - Dollfie Dream

Limited Models of many Anime characters

Standard doll models

Uses wigs & removable eyes

Made of Vinyl

Internal PVC skeleton

Limited DD list

Standard DD list

Volks - Super Dollfie

More realistic appearance

Uses wigs & removable eyes

Made of Resin


Strung doll

¼ Scale (40-50cm)

Not pictured: Parabox 40cm dolls

Azone 50cm

Branded as “Lilia”, “Ellen”, and Character series dolls

Rooted hair on original

Wigs on licensed dolls

Painted on eyes

Made of Vinyl

PVC skeleton

Obitsu 50cm body

Lilia official section link

Ellen official section link

Obitsu 50cm

Uses wigs & removable eyes

Made of Vinyl

PVC skeleton

Obitsu 50cm body

Official limited releases link

Volks - Mini Dollfie Dream

Designed to look childlike

Uses wigs & removable eyes

Made of Vinyl

PVC skeleton

⅙ Scale (20-30cm)

Not pictured: Obitsu

Azone Pure Neemo

Branded as Ex Cute and Character series

Rooted hair & Painted on eyes

Sizes vary slightly. See PN doll size info.

Made of PVC

Official Azone Ex Cute section

Azone new PN doll size info (Hobbylink)

Mamachapp ⅙

Uses Obitsu  bodies

Rooted hair & Painted on eyes

Made of PVC

Primarily accepts mail order

Official Mamachapp website

“Pretty sure Mamachapps are made of gold forged in the fires of Mordor”

1/12 Scale (10-15cm)

Azone Picco Neemo

Part of Ex Cute series

Rooted hair & Painted on eyes

Made of PVC

Official Azone Ex Cute section

Mamachapp 1/12

Uses obitsu 1/12 bodies

Rooted hair & Painted on eyes

Made of PVC

Primarily accepts mail order

Official Mamachapp website

Obitsu 1/12

Rooted hair & Painted on eyes

Made of PVC

Obitsu 1/12 Chibi Alice

i. Iconic dolls

Niizm - Made popular on the ‘chans and the reason many of us were initially attracted to dolls.

Model: DD Tamaki


Known customizations: Wig, Obitsu 60cm body

Model: Custom DDH-01


d. Skin Tones

No standardization exists for skin tones. All doll manufacturers have their own systems and naming conventions.
Age, environment and even different batches of dolls from the same manufacturer are known to create slightly different skin tones.

The following comparisons are approximate (Source: Tokyo Doll):

Skin white

DD white skin

Skin light pink

OBITSU /Azone Whity

Skin cream

OLD OBITSU/Azone Whity

Skin pink

DD Normal skin

Skin fresh

AZONE pure neemo/OBITSU BODY 60 Natural

Skin orange


2. Buying Dolls

a. Primary Sources

Different companies have different ways they sell their dolls.

        Dolpa Portal for Upcoming Releases (see left side)

Makes : Dollfie Dream, Super Dollfie, Mini Dollfie Dream

Standard models are sold on the website.

Clothing sets are sold at events and on the website.

Limited models are usually sold at events, and by lottery on the websites. Pre-order campaigns happen sometimes.

                Lottery: Short entry period (shortly after end of event), followed by payment and shipping after that.

                Pre-order: Long entry period, followed by payment, several month delay for preparation before shipping.

                Standard models: usually available and restocked often

Makes : Azone 50cm dolls, Pure Neemo, Picco Neemo

All Azone dolls are limited releases.

Clothings and accessories are also done in limited releases.

Almost everything is sold via retailers such as HobbySearch, AmiAmi, etc.

Some limited release dolls have 2 versions. One version is sold via Azone mail order; the other is sold via the official channels.

Makes : Obitsu 60cm, 50cm, ⅙, 1/12

Obitsu primarily makes doll bodies and parts. These are sold as base bodies and option parts in HobbySearch, AmiAmi, etc.

Sometimes they release limited edition dolls with a full set of body, eyes and clothing.        

Obitsu limited dolls are purchased via their website exclusively.

Makes : Mamachapp ⅙, 1/12

Based on Obitsu bodies. (This means Obitsu is where you want to find your replacement doll bodies and option parts)

New releases are purchased via mail order. You will need a deputy. (Orders are shipped after ~6 months)

b. Aftermarket

For that one doll that was released months or years ago that you’re willing to pay [999k](sometimes a lot) more for.

Also check out community sources for people selling.

One of the best sources for everything doll. Check the listings for details before buying.

        You will need a deputy to help you bid for items on YJA.

3. Buying Miscellaneous Items

Major Manufacturers/Retailers



Ships Internationally








Volks International &

Volks USA 

Dollfie Dream series


Ordering directly requires a deputy

Misc. items made by Azone are not sold directly.


Ordering directly requires a deputy.

Obitsu scale bodies are not sold directly.


Ordering directly requires a deputy


Retailer - Obitsu, Azone, TokyoDoll


Retailer - Obitsu, Azone, TokyoDoll

HobbyLink Japan

Retailer - Obitsu, Azone, TokyoDoll

(Some of the) Smaller Shops



Ships Internationally









Sells a body called Parabox 40cm body which is a Obitsu 50cm converted into MDD proportions

Marble Choco

Maker of scale miniature furniture and objects


Sells Dollfie Dream replacement/reinforcement parts that are much better

Dollfie World[1]

Resells items purchased from conventions and major manufacturers

Leeke World


Korean site, but has a separate English site just for ordering


Can order manually from them by emailing

More Small Shops

4. Doll Care

General Maintenance

Vinyl Dolls

Resin Dolls

PVC Dolls



5. FAQs


Q: Which doll is that?

A: If you don’t know which doll it is, you might be able to find her in the limited model list or the standard model list

Q: I want to get into dolls, but I can’t afford it. Is there a cheap solution?

A: You can purchase the smaller dolls, or build a custom one. One thing to remember is that clothing, accessories, etc. easily adds up in cost over time.

Q: I missed the sale for doll X. Will there be a re-release?

A: Re-releases are not usual for Dollfie Dreams. Some popular Azone limiteds have had second production runs; but your best bet is probably the aftermarket.

Q: What are some deputy services that I can use for purchases?

A: Here are some : FromJapan


Q: Where should I put my dolls?

A: Short answer: Detolfs that won’t be under direct sunlight. Avoid storing the dolls wrapped in colorfast fabrics and if you’re going to store them for long periods of time it’s preferred you remove their wig and clothes.

[1] This shop buys Volks items at special events and marks them up %60 over MSRP. You’re best served exploring other options first.