RessurectionXtras SNES (V2.o_FINAL)


Special thanks for compiling the videos to the following:

Horscht, for his tireless work creating over 200 videos for the project.  It wouldn't be anywhere that it is today without his help. 

Sotu, for introducting me to new Japanese games that are light on text or completely in English that are true hidden gems.  Also for creating nearly 100 videos for the project.

Croc., for creating over 10 videos there at the end when it seemed like everyone else had given up and moved on.

And of course Emumovies for providing the rough .AVI files compiled in this project.  Over 700 videos were already created for us there.  I wouldn't have shared these if I hadn't seen you guys posting in thanking somebody for hosting them there.  I know that several members I've been working with have your videos already and I hope that others contribute to you for your efforts and upkeep costs.  If you want any of the videos that have been created on our end, please feel free to PM me on and we'll do it.  I know some of us already have subscriptions, but if you download and use these files, please consider tipping them for their hard work.  Find them at .

Special thanks for the hard work on the skins:

Sotu and gilles9999 (and his girl Odile FACHE) and all your artistic ability.  Your work is great and I hope to see more as we get dual previews for all XPORT emus down the road.  NES was worried that nobody would use the dual previews because no skins were made for it and gilles9999 made a skin less than 24 hours later and by the end of two weeks there were 4 skins available for dual previews between the two of you......

Thanks to Antiriad for his 28 beautiful skins with different characters from the SNES.  It gives a great variety for any SNES fan to choose from.

Thanks to neverwill for the original SNES skins.  I always held them in high regard and wished the rest of my emulators had such great looking skins.

Special thanks for the artwork packs:

Thanks to me, for the artwork packs. :)  Thanks to nointro screenshots for putting a lot of them together.  Got a lot of them from torrents, but it was painstaking renaming everything to the romname to get them to work and checking and re-checking that they were all good.  A lot of them were from too, so thanks to them for hosting all those images. 

The dual previews make it all worth it.

For the SNESX9XBox, thanks goes to run088 for making it happen.  I had quite a bit of cleanup work to do afterwards (my fault, because he had crappy dats to work with), but I never would have gone to the trouble of making all the new folders and and moving and renaming all the files.  He run also opened my eyes up to the XPORT SNES world where there are at least 25 games that work that didn't on ZSNESXBox.  Thanks run!

Special thanks for the rumble packs and game guides:

Thanks to gilles9999 for the great rumbles.  These things are really a nice piece of work and after you try them I think you'll realize how much effort must have gone into them.  Gilles also packed up most of the game guides for us, with a few being my own.

Special thanks to the man:

And of course thanks to nes6502 for making this all possible in the first place.  Hope we've tweaked the shit out of this for ya and that you're happy that others are working to make the scene even better all these years later.

Here's hoping we get dual previews in the XPORT emus soon.

Regards everyone,