Bronyville Episode 056 - Friendship goes to the Library!

Time : Saturday, 12 PM PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 56 recorded on May 26, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider.


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 I guess I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who took the time out to stop by and say happy birthday, thanks for all the wonderful gift art and kind wishes.  I was completely overwhelmed and taken back by the sheer number of people that reached out to contact me.  Also, to let everyone know that I DO read ALL of what they send but obviously can't respond to everyone would just take too long but yes..a giant big THANK YOU for all the support and kindness. I really appreciate it and it means the world to me :)

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Topic Time! - EMAILS!


Dear Starry and Random Guys in the Foreground,


Awesome show, but already there's a twitter mom saying "The girls are not happy, I should not have let them watch this before I saw it".  True, the villain's appearance may have been a bit disturbing, and the buzzing of the minions, but really, it's not much different from what's been in previous generations, right?  Admittedly, I haven't seen much of anything G1 through G3.5 except Twinkle Wish Adventure and the video with the Smooze, but still.

Anyhow, everyone did a good job, good music, and you guys do good too.  Now that the season is over, what are the plans for the post-season?

Always a fan,


Hello, my name is PromissaFidel and I love your show! Keep up with the awesome broadcasts! Anyway, I am writing in response to your episode about MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

Actually I am specifically referring to a question poised to you after the review about Applejack. You were saying that in order to have a good episode with her there would need to be some sort of big problem she'd have to fix. Well, Applejack is my favorite pony and I think your ideas are good, but I think there's more in her character to explore.

I believe the real key to unlocking Applejack's character is by further exploring the Apple family's dynamics. Applejack is practically defined by her love of her family. She'd do anything for them. It's her heart and strength that helps to hold them together. It would be so cool to have an episode featuring a problem with the Apple siblings. Besides, we could have more Big Mac lines.

Yes I know the cider episode and family apprieciation episode talked about the apples. But I think we should see a perspective outside of Apple Bloom's for a change...

Sorry. I get very wordy.

What's your take on this? ;)

Hey AC and Chef Sandy Midnight Shadow (and best of all pixelkitties)!

Love the show, been listening for a few months, and glad you guys are still chugging along.

I just wanted to beg your guys thought on something.  Generally speaking, when fanmade content is mentioned by public or well-known media outlets, it's almost always the PMVs, the musicians, and the artists who get the spotlight, and not the fanfic' authors.  (I am a *bit* of an artist, but more of a fanfic' author, before anyone asks.)  Now, admittedly, fanfic'--at least to me--in the past has always had both this creepy stigma and low expectations attached to it, but with some of the MLP fanfic's that I got immersed in--well, we all know that's just not the case here.  There is certainly still, umm...less than quality fanfic' around, but the amount of top-quality fanfic's around more than balance it out.

I can totally understand why fanfic's don't get mentioned much by most; I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been or still is possessed with that prejudice, and on top of that, just think about how long it takes to read a fanfic' versus how long it takes to listen to a piece of music or look at a piece of art.  The time investments between the three types of content varies wildly, but generally speaking, fanfic's take longer to consume than either music or art.  So I can see how this makes sense--I was just wondering what you guys thought on the topic?

Side note: Vinyl's are totally red.  Magenta + blue lighting does that!  -cough-

Much love and keep on rockin',

-- Melionos a.k.a. Bluesparks

P.S. What's your guys' favorite fanfic' ever?  You guys make recommendations every week, but I'm just curious to know.

P.P.S. I'm totally not just nosing around to see if people still remember me!  Honest!  (-cough-hack-sneeze-cough-)

P.P.P.S. By the way, if you guys ever find yourself in need of a guest...-

hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge-...I'm still writing and I can totally rant on about pony-related self-taught creative writing theory and other stuff for a while!

Salutations Cider, Sandy, Starry, and Special Guest(s),

I adore the podcast and have been listening since I became a brony, sometime at the beginning of season 2. But now that season 2 is over, I am wondering what the fandom is going to do to hold out until season 3. I heard that between seasons 1 and 2, the community created a ton of content to keep the fire alive. I'm hoping that same enthusiasm returns in full force!

I'm ready to contribute to the content pool, but the fandom is vast and a little overwhelming, not to mention setting a precedent of high quality material. I was wondering if there were any bronies in leadership roles, and if not leaders per se, are there are other similar community resources for us foals of the fandom?

Thanks in advance if this gets answered, and keep up the fantastic work!

Your faithful listener,


PS. Best pony? While I love any one of the Mane 6 for many reasons, I can't help but feel that the title of Best Pony belongs to our Helen of Troy, the mare that launched over 9000 ships in a veritable brony civil war; she is our medium to our deities Studio B / DHX / Lauren Faust; she is the very symbol of the fandom. I must pledge allegiance to one miss Derpy Hooves.

Greetings everypony,

I just wish to congratulate you guys for the fantastic job you have been doing for a year already. It is great to know for sure, that every week, on wednesdays, I'll have something entertaining to listen to. I am also sure you will be able to do great once again through the following months where no new episodes will be aired and make it easier on all of us. Also, please do more live shows, it does not nesessarily have to be 3 hours long, don't stress yourselves too much. But it sure was fun to see it take place, very "professional" guys.

Now, I have a question for you guys, not related to the MLP show, but to yours, because, either I can't recall you saying it or you haven't. but taking into account that it has been your birthday, my question to you is, how was the show started? What do I mean? Well, I want to know about the birth of this year-old program. Who came up with the idea, how did you get in contact, and once you saw you could be going somewhere with it, how did you plan and organize? Was it mostly AC and his bad ideas and Chef had to steer you the right way? Well, that is all then. Thank you bery much for what you have done, keep it up, once again, fantastic job.


P.S. If someone has to choose a favorite episode, perhaps it is better to categoriza between a two parter and a single shot, Seems a little unfair for those other wpisodes that have less time. I'd choose the Royal Wedding Episode and  Lesson Zero as my favorites. Also, Twilight Sparkle is best pony, don't be sad Chef Sandy, you are best host.

P.P.S. You guys have a 5-star iTunes review from Argentina, jut letting you know you truly reach everywhere ;)

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night and awesome guests:


Before I write my question, I would just like to thank you for creating such a great show. I listen to a few episodes of your podcast every day when I'm at work, and it helps me get through the daily grind with a smile.


Anyhow, the question I wanted to ask you is this: MLP FiM has such a rich cast of villains like Discord, the Flim Flam Brothers, Trixie, Gilda and the Changlings; do you think the show could benefit from having recurring villains instead of just one-shot appearances?


Your faithful listener,


Captain Crook



P.S. Rainbow Dash is best pony of the Mane 6, and Mayor Mare is best pony of them all.


P.P.S. Iron Will is best non-pony.

Dear Chef Sandy, Apple Cider and whichever guests are present. I have been quickly catching up to your podcast and I am currently at episode 35, so I still have plenty to catch up on. I do love your podcast and hope that you may read this on the air.

I would like to bring up that an episode Luna Eclipsed which Apple Cider enjoys very much yet may be oblivious to the issues with it. In the pilot episodes Friendship Is Magic part 1 and 2, no one knew who Nightmare Moon was (except for Twilight who did her research) yet the next season on Luna Eclipsed there was an entire holiday devoted to her, which had been a part of Equestrian tradition for longer than 1 year. I would like to hear your thoughts on a rather big plot hole in this series.

Thank you for reading this email, a fellow brony, David.

PS: Rarity is best pony & Rainbow Dash is the worst of the mane 6.

Hey Mr.Mc. Cider, and Thomas Chefferson, and random girl in the background. First off, thank you guys for giving me some way to channel my pony-ness. I think I'm driving my friends mad especially after the two parter! A couple things, first off I just recently converted my friend's brother, and now he is a total nut for the show. Second, as much as I hate to say this I can't believe you guys did not mention the Pokemon reference in the second episode of the two parter. When Crysalys (excuse my bad grammar) gets blown away and dissapeared into the sky after she disappears there is a little twinkle of light that sparks like when team rocket gets blasted off. I absolutely hate Pokemon and this upset me. Almost as much as Tori Spelling during the commercials. Last thing. I really enjoy the show and every Saturday plus I buy episodes on iTunes. I would like to contribute more to the community. If you could list me some ideas on the show Thad be amazing! Thanks you guys rock!


 P.S. Rainbow Dash is favorite pony, but not best pony. There is no best pony.

I rated you guys 5 stars on iTunes!!!

(AKA)Alex Wyman

(Will need to paraphrase this one as it is a bit long.)

Hello Chef Sandy, Apple Cider, Starry Night, and any combination of guest or guests, if any are there at all.

I recently listened to episode 50 of your podcast (congrats on that), and when the subject of mythology came up I had to take note of it. You see, toward the very beginning of season two, I was rewatching a couple older episodes, and I noticed something interesting. I'm certain that it's been pointed out before by others, but it bares mentioning here in light of your mythology discussion.

I realized that the various pony races were actually archetypes from the book Plato's republic. In Plato's "ideal society" there are three types of people: the iron/copper souls, the silver souls, and the gold souls. The society needed each type to function, and the souls were labeled according to how common or uncommon they were. The iron/copper souls were the everyday farmers and merchants, and the silver souls were the military. The gold souls were the philosopher-kings, who would each rotate their functions, alternating between ruling the country and spending their time thinking on things to better the country as a whole. Further more, the types of souls equated to the different aspects of the self. Iron/copper was indicative of the body, silver followed the heart (in an emotional sense), and gold was the mind.

You can see where I'm going with this. The earth ponies are the iron/copper souls, the pegasi are the silver, and the unicorns are the gold. Beyond this, I also realized that the characters were representations of Yin and Yang. In eastern philosophies Yin is characterized by water, femininity, and passivity, while Yang is masculinity, fire, and aggressiveness.

Each racial type of the mane six is either Yin or Yang. Applejack represents Yang as the body at work, while Pinkie Pie is Yin, the body at play. Rainbow Dash is the silver Yang spirit, the attacker, and Fluttershy is the defensive nurturer of the Yin (it should be noted here that she is incapable of defending herself most times but rises to the occasion only when her friends are in need, thus is the EXTRA passive nature of her defense). Twilight Sparkle holds the reasoning and logic of the Yang gold soul, and Rarity bares the inspiration and creativity of the Yin.

I figured all this out before the "Hearth's Warming Eve" episode, but after watching it, I made further connections. Did you notice that "Hearth's Warming Eve" was the pony retelling of what Plato defined as the Origin of War? Plato's Republic theorized that war sprung forth from the desire for land by more than one nation. Back in that day and age, land meant power and wealth, since more land meant more people for taxes, resources, and military personnel. This was highly coveted by the rulers of nations, and those rulers had no qualms over sending the people under them to fight over that land. This is exactly what we saw in the "Hearth's Warming Eve" episode. Each ruler was being a greedy jerk, while their subordinates just wanted to get along with each other and share the land.

Another thing I've noticed (which others have noticed too) concerns Princess Celestia and her association to the Egyptian gods. Her eyes are drawn in a very particular way, very different from the other ponies, and we usually don't see both her eyes at the same time. The design is very similar of the "eye of Ra" which was a symbol of the sun god. In Cutie Mark Chronicles, filly Twilight watches in awe as Celestia raises the sun. In that moment, Celestia is shown as an orange and yellow silhouette in front of a circular banner. This is VERY similar to the symbol of the "Winged Sun" (also known as the sun disk), which was originally used by the Egyptians as a symbol of Horus, the god of the Sky. In the mythologies the sun is the Eye of Ra, and the moon is the Eye of Horus, and they both are moved by Horus through his sky. In addition to this, Horus also had a phoenix for a pet.

The last thing I noticed was the relationship between Celestia and Ra as the bringer of light and order to the world. Nearly all myths of ancient religions have a creation story that goes something along these lines: everything is dark and chaotic, and then a powerful entity comes in and banishes the darkness with light and law. That entity then sets up shop to make other smaller entities to govern the various aspects of the world. I think this is what the show was getting at with the fight between Celestia and Discord. Celestia is the reigning force for law and order, and Discord is the primal force of chaos that she defeated at the creation of her world.

I really have no idea if this was an underlying theme that Lauren Faust intentionally put into the stories, or if I'm looking at this far too closely and seeing things that aren't actually there. Either way I think it's still interesting to consider. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you and goodnight,

Rex Ivan

P.S. Pinkie Pie is personally preferred party pony.

First I would like to say love the show, and I thank anyone who has worked to make it what it is, be you on the show, in post production or one of the many fabulous guests.

So moving on to the point, the season finale was my first met up, I got to met up with with my fellow UK Bronies (and one Berlin Brony) in London and had one of the best nights of my life. So my question is this, as very active member of met up groups yourselves what is your greatest one experience you've had through a met up with you fellow Bronies?

Thanks for reading my Email TheKingOfTheRubberDucks

PS Discord is best pony...

Hello Bronies! And to anyone who's reading this, You are awesome! Yes, You!

Last week, You discussed what You would like to see in the next season of MLP and I want to continue that discussion. I am quite fond of the episodes that feature birthday celebrations. "Party of One", "Sweet and Elite" and "Secret of My Excess" are all ones I regularly go back to. Because I trust the writers can continue in their efficient use of this plot device, I'd like to see another one or two episodes with someone's birthday. If I had to pick whose birthday I'd want to see the most, it wouldn't be anyone from mane six. It would actually be the princesses. Either Luna or Celestia or preferably both. All in all, we definitely need another Luna episode. While we know that Luna is the younger sister, we don't know what days their birthdays fall on. Maybe they celebrate on the same day. If it happens and we do get an episode that centres on Luna's birthday, I want Luna to revisit the events of "Luna Eclipsed" by her first words to Pinkie Pie being along the lines of "Thou aren't going to scream in terror this time, I hope?" This leads me to another thing I'd like to see more of - continuity. More background appearances of Owloysius and Tank, random short bursts of assertiveness from Fluttershy, a party where DJ Pon-3 spins the records (she's supposed to appear at the royal wedding, right?), Rarity mentioning that she's working on another batch of models for Hoity Toity or Sapphire Shores, Pinkie Pie being beat after babysitting. Stuff like that is a sort of reward for passionate viewers.


P.S.: This is how I'd order the ponies: Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash. Don't think that I dislike AJ or RD. I love all the ponies but I love some of them more than others.

        Greetings AC, CS, Random Girl in the Background (U mad?), and any guest(s) that may or may not be on this week's episode,


                I am a high-schooler with a bit of a problem.  I have told my friend of my pony obsession, and while he holds no grudges and doesn't think any less of me for enjoying a show that is originally intended for younger audiences, he firmly maintains that the show itself is rather gay. His words, not mine. Over the past few weeks, I have been showing him several memes and screencaps of the show that can be enjoyed by those who know nothing about it.  In addition, I have forced him through "It's About Time" (which he slept almost completely through) and a commentary of a generation 3 episode by current bronies (their pain is my amusement). My question to you is as follows: how much is too much? When do I stop him showing him these? I want to make him watch at least one more episode before accepting his final opinion. I am not completely heartless; I have told him several times that if I start to piss him off that he should tell me, but I want to spread the love all over. As an additional question, what episode would be a good one to show him without coming across as too "girly?"                                                                                                                                             Thanks,                                                                                            Halo Brony


P.S. Rainbow Dash is best mane 6, Daring Do is best side, Vinyl Scratch is best background


P.P.S. Would love if you guys would ever find time to check out my fic, Maximum Ride: Cause Saving Just One World is Overrated, a crossover with James Patterson's Maximum Ride ( Shameless self-pimping is over. You guys just need to keep doing what you're doing and always remember, they're ponies, I ain't gotta justify *yay*.

Hey Apple Cider and Chef Sandy!

Just found the podcast one day by browsing iTunes and have faithfully listened to it since.

I am currently only on episode 12 of your podcast trying to catch up but so far this is the greatest thing my ears have ever heard! Finally a good My Little Pony podcast!

I have two questions, since we are nearing the season finale what will the brony community do? and is there any My Little Pony forums or rolepaying areas I could find? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was a neighsayer about the show until one day I decided to take a gander and watch the show, Instantly hooked after part 1 to be continued.

Favourite pony by far would either be Twilight Sparkle or Octavia.

If you ever need any assistance for the show I would be more than willing to aid in any way!

A faithful fan,

DJ Shake

Hi Apple Cider, Chef Sandy and guest

I’ve Just listen to the latest episode and thought I let you guys know that it was great =D

I've got a question for you guys but before I ask, I got to tell you my story first.

I've recently started my own MLP related show called “The MBS Show” (MBS stands for Malaysian Bronies Society). Were still new with just 7 episodes in and we having a blast recording it, we taken inspiration from your show (because your show is the best MLP show out there) and try to make it our own with a Malaysian twist added to it.


We focused on featuring guest from The Malaysian Bronies Society Facebook group and getting them in to the spotlight (so basically it’s the same as what you do every week).


My questions to you guys are:


1. How do you maintain your webpage?


2. Where do you keep your audio files?


3. How do you get the guest to come on to your show?


4. And lastly will you guys be a guest on my show (please say yes please say yes)


Thanks again for taking the time and reading this E-Mail; oh if it’s no trouble could you guys give my site a shout out? (We really need more audience coming to our site) My site can be found on


P.S.: Getting Eurobeat Brony reading my E-Mail on episode 42 was AWESOME!!!

P.S.S: If you guys can't read the mail on the show it's ok I understand (keeping with time and all) but I'm really serious my questions.

From your inspired listener

Normansanzo (Host of The MBS Show)

P.S.S Would you mind if anyone went back and compiled your funniest moments into one oatmeal of an mp3?

P.S Fluttershy is best pony ( Who needs more love on this podcast ), Go read a Twi-dash shipfic you two,

Sincerely your faithful listener, Spino

“If the number one reason you and your significant get broken up is pony, that’s too much pony”- Apple cider, seven months to be slaughtered by two months into the fandom. Then again I am still young, fourteen, which brings me to my next point. Us younger Bronies don’t get as much respect as the veterans because of those meddling hipsters. “They don’t appreciate the show like we do, and are only doing it to be…hipster?” Seems to be the core reaction, having to pause “Putting your hoof down” Twice and “Hurricane fluttershy” three times because of full on tears of joy and sadness I consider myself a legit brony wanting to ask, what makes you roll your eyes in our direction?

      I’m finally caught up after discovering your podcast a month ago and have been dying to write this e-mail since ep.047.

Dear Chief sandy, hard cider, poke her if she’s asleep and Lucky guest(s)

Dear Starry Night, Rayechu, Maggs, omgwtflols and Random Guy in the Background (AC)

(well, buck, I'm late, aren't I. But I just had to put it out there)

Take two. Howdy AC, Cheffers and hostile third party!

Thanks for a year of great podcasting, and here's to more great episodes and guests! I'll just keep this short, (probably because I don't have anything to ramble about), but are you guys planning to go see the Battleship movie? Over here in Australia the movie just happened to come out a month earlier than you Americans for some reason, and so a bunch of bronies and I went to see it... and then my head was full of wat.

Other than that, if there ever was an MLP movie, and their promo posters had the tag line "FROM THE COMPANY THAT BROUGHT YOU TRANSFORMERS" (much like Battleship's marketing), Hasbro would deserve an epic hoofbump from me for having the balls to do so.

Keep up the great work,

Your pony-deprived for the next five months or so but still somewhat faithful listener,


>Insert obligatory Rarity is best pony

Good day to Starry Night, M, any applicable guests, the host who knows who best pony is and the other who is awesome,

Getting right to the point, it has been mentioned time and time again that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a very well rounded show. From good writing to artwork to musical components, the product quality is high. And for the average person, it poses little issue trying to explain these once you get past the "But it's My Little Pony!" stage. However, I have met somebody who is not one of the average. While being open to watching the show, and having seen a pair of episodes, he still questions what makes the show so good. I give you this to give you a sense of his perspective (it was the topic of our last discussion, and that is the only reason I bring it up): It is widely known that Mass Effect is a trilogy based around choices, and the ending to the third installment completely defied this (choices become irrelevant). He enjoyed this ending because it proves that, while any game can have choices, the story is always the same (event A happens, then B and C afterwards; it's just who you have or what you carry that changes).

I have tried to explain to him that the time went into this show, and the product is highly enjoyable, but he stands by his question: Why it is so good?

I didn't go to school to advance my debating skills, so instead I hire you and anyone you wish to contact for my side of the debate (you should receive the money as soon as Twilight can locate and teleport the money to you, or vice versa).

I say enjoy your day,


PS: Is the chat Starry's new microphone, or will she continue to pop in and out through Apple Cider's? She is using a lot more actions rather than words as of late, and while they may be louder, I can't hear them through a mic.

Dear Apple Cider, special guest host Pixel Kitties and Starry Night mistress of the chat (also Random Girl in the Background :P), also other guests,

Now that the summer pony break has gone into full swing, we finally have the time complete some pony projects. Speaking of which, I have been working on a PMV of Weird Al's parody of Taylor Swift's You Belong To Me, TMZ, mostly from the episode Green Isn't Your Color. However, I had this idea to put fake TMZ articles about the ponies within the video.

There's just one problem: I'm not proficient enough in photoshopping to make that on my own and don't know who to ask. Since you guys are a major outlet for reaching to the community, I was wondering if you would help a brony out and put my request to the, podcasts waves?

I think the best way to go about it is to put the email in the show notes and whoever is interested can send me what they can do. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to give a proper commission but all credit in the video will go to them and I'll be sure to direct people to their site of choice (deviantart, tumblr, personal website, etc). Or, if you guys know a better solution, I'm all ears.

Many thanks for this wonderful show you do and here's to even more shows to come.

Your faithful listener,


Post Script: I feel like I'm forgetting something. Something about an earnest purple unicorn being best pony. But I think we all knew that. :D

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Dear Princess Celestia,

It’s another one of our fantastic email shows! This time we got Pixelkitties and Midnight Shadow to tag along while Cheffers was away. Super extra double extravagant birthdays, grammar obsessed Twilight Sparkle, and some useful tips on what locations may not be suitable to meet a voice actor. It was a really great time and I’m pretty sure you will have a good one too doing whatever you normally do while podcasting!


Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc:

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