Email, response to PolitiFact Texas, James Bernsen, communications director, Ted Cruz campaign, Sept. 26, 2012

448 pm

Yes, it is true that Ted prefers eliminating the Washington's power-hungry bureaucratic stranglehold on taxpayers and local governments including more flexibility for Texas to spend federal education dollars in a way that's best for Texans instead of assuming that what works in Massachusetts works in Texas.  Furthermore, Ted has repeatedly made clear that he would not eliminate the funds to support a federal student loan program but again prefers giving Texas and other states more freedom to adopt policies at the local level. The elimination of a federal agencies does not mean that critical divisions of the agency must be eliminated. The bottom line is with $16 trillion and debt and millions still looking for work, continuing to fund more and more bloated DC bureaucracies to a fix one size binds all red tape is unneeded and unsustainable.  Furthermore, while cost savings from abolishing the department may not be much in terms of the overall budget, it would return local control to our education system, which is a qualitative improvement in the American educational system.