1. What to expect?

3. What is Keeisland?

That’s the name of your beach house.  Guests can book directly on our website, saving $100’s of dollars in service fees charged by the channels such as or VRBO.

Notice in the photograph below, looking south, the island extends another 4 miles with 12 other houses scattered along the way south and just one house north of us 300’.

As you can see, we have several acres of tropical jungle forest surrounding us, with almost no neighbors in site.  The luxury of this location is that almost no one else is on the beach since there is generally no public access points.  Most visitors come to the very southern point, seen in the far distance (4 miles away) where you can find a large gathering of boats including food boats that serve burgers etc. during the day should you want to see other people.  Further south is Marco Island, the last bastion of development prior to the everglades.  If we were to look north, we would see just one house, our neighbor and 5 miles of untouched park land beach until you come to Naples proper, where our in town marina is located.


4. The Basics:

Arrival Address:   2025 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 34104

Marina to the island is approximately 45 minutes.

Secondary Arrival  (cuts boat commute to 20 min instead of 40min)

Address:                Bayview Park Boat Launch

                        1500 Danford Street, Naples, Florida 34112

Overnight parking is permitted however weekends / long term are not recommended.  

Picking up additional guests at this location eliminates navigating the channel to the marina  (20 min closer) as well as offering a location for boat fuel.


MAP LINK:       

Arrival & Departure:

Planning your flights?  If you are able to obtain flights arriving into RSW, (Fort Myers) prior to 2- pm, you could consider arriving on your check in day.  Often, guests arrive a day prior and stay overnight in a hotel and buy groceries and are ready to go at the marina at our appointed check in time of 3pm.  Often members of the group arrive at different times etc.  

We are often asked about rental cars versus UBER etc.  90% of the time, guests still rent cars, as it allows them to go to the grocery store or pick up others at the airport etc.  Most of us are still old school and like to drive ourselves around.  However it can be done without a car rental.  For example, one could take a transport service to Naples such as:  239-482-1200

Both UBER and LYFT now work at RSW.  (Fort Myers airport).

If arriving a night or more prior to your check in, suggest a stay at a hotel such as , or and we can pick you up on our guest boat right at the hotel dock.  

As far as not having a car is concerned, it is not really necessary since you can even obtain all your groceries by boat as there is a 200’ long boat dock at the Winn Dixie grocery store on Marco Island, hence, it's possible to stock up on food and drinks by boat! And never use a car all week.

Confirmation arrival time:                

Late arrival must be scheduled in advance.  Late arrival after dark (depending on time of year) is on a case by case basis (typically not allowed for safety reasons) and would likely require additional labor fees for the staff.  Suggest making sure you can arrive between 3-5 pm on your check in date.  

Cell Phone:                

Prior to your arrival please provide all cell phone numbers where you can be reached.

Life Jackets, we carry a generous supply of life jackets on board the guest boat, if you have small children, please be sure and provide us the age and or weight, as it is a requirement that children under the age of 12 wear a life preserver while boating in Florida.   And we want to be extra sure we have the right size and number on board.


7. Photos

new april mike 2012 151.JPG




Important Contacts:        

House Manager:        Shawn Cassel             239-571-8176

Beach Bikes:

We do have three (3) electric powered, fat tire, beach bikes available for reservation. With miles of beach to explore they offer an enjoyable way to cover it all. You may reserve one or two or all three  at $150 per week per bicycle.  Please book in advance.


5. Groceries / Food and Drinks:

While we personally suggest stocking up prior to your arrival at our favorite all organic grocery store,, many grocery stores options abound.

We also offer an online convenient shopping to have your groceries delivered and stocked in the house prior to your arrival.

In our own case, we generally bring a few days provisions with us, and after a couple days take the boat directly to the grocery at Winn Dixie on Marco Island.

For the greatest convenience, we suggest shopping for the full week of groceries prior to your check in.  A large cooler to transport groceries is usually on the boat.

Grocery Provisioning General Options:

* Shop locally the day of arrival.

* service (below)  (Delivered to House)

* Return to marina as needed and drive to grocery.

* Boat to Marco Island Winn Dixie

Beer and wine can be purchased in the majority of the grocery stores.  Spirits must be purchased at a package liquor store with the exception of Costco and Sam’s Club.

Local Grocery:         Organic: (15 min drive)

                                        Whole Foods (Long drive from Marina 45 minutes)

                        Generic:        Publix (15 minute drive from marina)

                                        Wynn’s Market (excellent seafood selection) (20 min)

                                        CostCo (30 min)

                                        Sams Club

                                        Walmart (10 minute drive from marina)

ABC Liquor       Publix Liquor

Shipt Service:         

Online shopping


* Must be placed by Thursday 10:00 pm eastern * Place your order online.


* Delivery Provided to the Island by our staff


*        * app Shipt

                                Choose “Already Have an Account”

                                *log in:

                                *password:        Keewaydin

Note:         “save order” ( exit website or close ap) it will save your items. Do not check out.  receipt will be provided and reimbursement billing will be sent via Pay Pal.

MUST email or text the item count number to Shawn 239-571-8176 by Thursday prior to arrival.

There is a $100 service fee for the Shipt .com option. Your entire order will be on the island prior to your arrival.

Winn Dixie Grocery Store on Marco Island:

Here is the map and photos to get to winn dixie from the beach house.

keeisland to marco.jpg


Suggested Packing List:

        1 Week supply of food, drink and extra ice for beverages

SunScreen (Florida UV Index Link)


Bug Spray  (Vitamin B1 is known to help repel mosquitos. )

Swim Suit                T-Shirts        Flip Flops / Beach Shoes         

1 Long Sleeve Sun Cover Up        Sun Hat        Shorts

        Toiletries        Personal Electronics        Books                        


Beach House Address:          

10181 Keewaydin Island Naples Florida 34113

Intracoastal Waterway Marker Red 40.

 (No Mail service or Delivery to this address is available)  Our mailing address is 1153 North Alhambra Circle Naples Fl. 34103

Emergency Telephone Numbers:         EMERGENCY:        911  

House Manager,  Shawn Cassel   239-571-8176  


Shawn Cassel is well acquainted in all aspects of the property.  Please call/text him first with any questions or concerns you may have.   239-571-8176

Air Conditioning:

Each bedroom and the living area feature a mitsubishi head unit.  On the remote controls, you can select, AC, Dehumidify, and Heat. During winter months, it's usually best to leave all the windows open (screens of course closed) and all the fans on.  Suggest turning on the AC unit in the bedrooms which are used to sleep in at night and setting at 72-78.  The AC unit in areas not used can be turned off  to save energy.  PLEASE KEEP FANS OFF WHILE ENJOYING AC.


Heat is built into the air conditioning units in the main house only. Rarely needed but please exercise the same rules as the AC if it is needed.

Clean as You Go:        

We are on an Island. There are critters. They are curious and lazy. They may try to get to what you leave out. Clean as you go and you will be fine.        

We are surrounded by sand. It does come in the house from feet and shoes. Take advantage of the outdoor shower at the corner of the lanai.


Our kitchen is fully stocked with cookware, glassware, utensils, cast iron pans, pantry dry goods and spices.   Appliances are gas range and stove, dishwasher, Keurig (K-Cup) coffee maker, coffee maker, toaster, blender and cutlery. Provide special requests in advance.


Please feel free to use whatever you find in the pantry. We continuously rotate out older products and tend to collect items left behind by previous guests. You may want to bring specific spices that are not everyday common spices if you want them for cooking.

Expect a supply of basic staples, oils and spices. (no butter) If you have favorites or special dietary needs please include them in your pre arrival shopping order or when you visit the grocery store prior to arrival. You are welcome to use whatever you see in the pantry and refrigerator.

Stove/Range: Propane Gas

We have a varied selection of cookware. We highly recommend using the cast iron on the range. (Do Not put cast iron in dishwasher). Heat it to desired temperature then turn heat to lower setting for cooking. The range tends to cook hot so the thinner cookware is more difficult and easy to burn your meal.

Ventilation Hood:

Whenever a burner is in use you MUST run the vent hood with a window cracked. Please use “3” If not you will continually fight the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide will not vent out. Always double check that burners in in OFF position when not in use.

Cast Iron:        

The gas range cooks HOT we recommend using the cast Iron over the other pots and pans. Heat the pan then turn the heat to low. Hand wash only. If it is run through the dishwasher it will have to be seasoned again.  Helpful link:


We do have a weber three burner gas grill. There will be a tank under the grill. a backup near the grill, and if needed additional tanks behind the laundry shed.

R/O Water:        

The Reverse Osmosis water tap at the sink is recommended for drinking, cooking, coffee and tea.        

Hot Water:        

All hot water in the home and master are supplied from tankless water heater. Please turn the faucet ALL THE WAY TO HOT and FULL BLAST and then be patient. The system may take as long as several minutes to reach the back bedroom. Once you have hot water at the tap you can back the faucet down.  It can take up to 3-4 minutes for the hot water to reach the back of the house.

Small Appliances:        

We have small appliances in the house, juicer, blender, toaster, coffee maker/pot, and Keurig (Kcup) coffee maker. Additional small appliances such as juicers are on the middle island shelf in the shed.



There is an on/off switch on the BACK of the machine that must be turned on.

Common Areas:

Our family and staff enjoy the outdoor living space the majority time we are here. It offers a relaxing living room setting with couches, chair and fireplace. Our dining room table is in the outdoor space as well where we enjoy sunsets, the sound of the waves and nature. The outdoor space is equipped with SONOS music. The indoor living space is also very comfortable with three full sized couches and a large flat screen tv with soundbar and an ample Dish Network package. We have a collection of board games as well.


Our bathrooms are all stocked with bar soap, liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner and linens. The master bath has the outdoor shower and outdoor soaking tub.

Soaking Tub Outdoor on Master Balcony:        

Please familiarize yourself with the small knob found UNDER the metal faucet.  It is a knob you cannot see when standing outside of the tub. Turn this knob to close and open the drain.

Master Shower:        

We will show you how to use during the orientation.

Heads: Knob on left


Knob on right. We recommend when you find the temperature you like to leave the knob on the right where you like it and turn the shower on and off with the knob on the left.

Jetted Tub:

Please fill the water level above the jets before turning on the jets.


We do have onsite laundry and detergents you are welcome to use. Please use the laundry during the day while solar energy is readily available not during the evening.


Our bedrooms are equipped with air-conditioning, flat screen smart TVs, all bedding, and attached baths. The private master suite is detached from the house, has a king bed and         attached screened in porch. The bedrooms in the main house are 1 room with a king and the other with a queen sized bed. We have additional beds in the main house that include a queen size bed and twin size bunk beds.Please be mindful of when a room is not in use to turn off electrical items. If you do not get tv reception please troubleshoot by checking power to the tv and the satellite recover or on and the proper input source is selected. i.e. HDMI 1



Solar Powered by 36 three hundred watt solar panels fed into two battery banks, converted to american standard 110 volt electricity. Sun provides a sufficient power supply throughout the day and lasting into the evening through battery storage. Energy conservation does provide a longer battery supply. If a bedroom is unused we close the door and turn off the AC. The same with lights, TV’s and items using electricity but not being used we turn off. We tend to keep the AC off in cooler evenings and set at upper 70s during the heat of the day if we are inside. Please save laundry and dishwasher use for daylight hours with full sun.

Generator backup power is in place should you deplete all of the battery storage. The generate will turn on automatically when batteries are nearing depletion.

Power failure: (Call Shawn)

Our systems are very reliable and power failure would be a very rare event.  However, there are mechanical components’ of our power systems such as the backup generator.  A curious child could turn off a valve or push a button, a start battery could fail, our propane tanks may need changed.  We have two backup generators. If he can’t walk you through simple troubleshooting he will consult with the technicians and make a determination how to address in a timely manner. If complete battery depletion along with generator loss occurs in the middle of the night or late evening hours we will address it first thing in the morning.  Flashlights and lanterns are provided throughout the house.

If you or a guest is dependent on electricity for medical equipment, consider bringing additional backup dedicated battery power supplies. (you will be on an island, we can get to you in no less than 2 hours combined land and water travel)


WiFI is available. Your devices will find 2 WiFi connections. One is used for the TV and the other for personal electronics. Personal electronics WiFi is the Exceed  Satellite. The password is on the router. We will show you at your orientation.


SONOS player is located on the outdoor living space. Take the time to download the SONOS controller app prior to your arrival. You will need a cell phone or tablet with wifi to use the controller at the house.(see attached SONOS)

Massage Table:  We do have a massage table, ask the staff where it is if you would like to use it.  There is also a licensed therapist that we may be able to arrange to come to island on their own boat.  If this is something you want during your stay, please let us know prior to your arrival so that we can attempt to arrange.

Cell Phone Service:

Cell phone service is available. Verizon seats to be the strongest signal. However there is a “Cell Repeater” in the living room set wall. How it works:  Must be ON The indoor antenna receives signals from your cell phone, it then amplifies the signal and broadcasts and receives through and external roof mounted antenna. If all else fails walking to the beach or dock helps.


Rainwater, Well Water. Collected rainwater and well water are filtered before entering the home and laundry. Drinking and cooking water is at the sink from the reverse osmosis tap. In early spring and dry months well water is used and can have a slight salt taste.   In this case we suggest only using the reverse osmosis unit on the kitchen sink for drinking water.

ICE:  Check with Shawn on arrival, you may want to pick up some bags of ice at the store next to the marina on your departure.  That way you have it for your groceries and drinks and an extra supply in case the ice at the house from the refrigerator is out or salty.  For hygiene reasons the staff very often throws it out and during the winter months it may be of poor quality.  

Hot water:

(we will cover in orientation) Is produced by individual gas powered tankless heaters. You may find it may take a little longer to get hot water at the tap than you may be used to. Please turn the faucet to maximum hot position until hot water arrives at the tap then adjust as needed. (we will go through this in your orientation)


Both the house and the master are on septic systems. Please do not flush items that can not be naturally decomposed. Please no bleaches or harsh chemicals that will kill the natural bacteria in the system within the septic tank and leach field. You may on occasion with just the right wind conditions smell a slight sulfur smell from the off gassing of the system. This is normal.

Do Not Flush: Cotton balls, Q-tips, facial wipes, sanitary “flushable” wipes, personal hygiene products, and the like, or harsh chemicals.



Garbage is removed by boat. Please put bagged garbage in the trash receptacle in the shed. If it is full please double bag it and place it in the shed. Keep shed doors closed.

Beach / Recreation

Our family and staffs favorite part of the Island Experience. We have several Stand Up  Paddle Boards, beach toys, lounge chairs, beach towels, sun shade, light tackle fishing, miles of white sandy beach to walk and all the free shells you want. Don't forget your sunscreen because if you spend as much time on the beach as we do you're going to need it! Life jackets are hanging outside behind the master bedroom. Please leave only your footprints.


When not in use please close and tie them. Please do not leave them open overnight.


You may leave the cabana up overnight. Please put down any umbrellas at the end of the day or if it is windy.  If severe weather is forecast we would appreciate your help in moving it to the paddle board area and place it so not to get blown away.

Smoking:  Is not allowed in house or Lanai/patio.  If you or members of your party  smoke, please do so outside and dispose of all cigarette butts in a trash receptacle.


Swimming in the gulf is safe. Swim within your abilities and keep in mind it is an ocean with some tidal and wind blown side shore currents. Directly in front of the beach. at low tide, you can easily wade to the sand bar and hang out in knee deep water. This is also a good place to fish at low tide.


You are fortunate to have your Island Experience on Keewaydin Island. Some of the best shelling in Southwest Florida. We find the most amazing shells at low tide and especially after rough wave calm down. Bring a container to take home as many as you like. Be sure they are empty though. Some say the best shells are found at the Florida Georgia line because people keep occupied shells and this is about where they can no longer stand the smell and throw them out of the car. So if it's alive leave it on the beach.

Cut and Paste this link in your browser:


The gulf is a sandy bottom with very little rock. The closest reefs are not reachable by paddle board or swimming. There are few local charters available for scuba and snorkeling and diving.  Cut and Paste this link or click on it:

Beach Walking: Barefoot, Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes all work quite well.

Sunbathing: Keep an eye on the UV index and apply sunscreen accordingly and often.

(Music/Sound System)  SONOS MUSIC MAIN LANAI

Sonos works seamlessly with most music services, including Pandora, Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud.

IPAD provided:  Convenient for selecting the SONOS music application and putting on your favorite station on Pandora.

Small Children/Infants:  We have a variety of pack and plays and high chairs etc.  As well as infant and child life vests.  Please review your children's ages and needs with us prior to arrival to make sure we have everything you need and you can avoid bringing unnecessary items.  There is also a local rental place

We have lots of beach toys on site.

BEACH:  Avoid placing beach items below the high tide mark.  Having beach chairs and other items near the shore at low tide will require moving them as to avoid having the tide come up and wash items away.  (Guests will be asked to replace any missing SUP or other items including beach furniture that goes missing)

Beach Chairs:

Your Island Experience will likely draw you to the beach to relax day and night.

As mentioned above, if you move beach items to close to the shore, the tide will inevitably rise (2 times a day) and wash away these items.  So make sure everything is at minimum well above high tide mark (closer to house) or in windy weather or if away, the lighter chairs should be moved back to the storage area by the paddle boards so they do not blow into or get washed into the gulf.  (this “storage area” is the Stand Up Paddleboard rack located just behind the beach sand dune break next to the path.

Beach Towels:

Beach towels tend to get wet. We encourage you to hang them to dry at the end of the day. Please don't hang them on dining chairs. If you do need to wash towels we ask that you kindly shake them out before washing or drying. (our machines tend to last much less than normal so every little bit helps)

Camp Fires:

Are NOT permitted.  On occasion the owner will get a special         permit to burn debris but guests are not allowed to burn camp fires.

Stand up paddle boards:

(SUP) Of course use common sense. The gulf is safe but be sure the wind is not in an offshore direction. There are generally no real currents on the gulf side but the wind and waves should be paid attention to. (If its windy its another story altogether, you could then have some side currents) Safe practice would be to take a life jacket with you.  Stay within

your skills and limits.  

For the serious paddle boarder:

On the bay side, check the tides, consult charts and maps.  We like to go with the tide, if         it's flowing north, it is an incoming tide, and we like to paddle up the channel.  About 1/2 mile on the left before the manatee zone, there is a narrow part of the island, and a small concrete post marks a convenient spot to carry your paddle board over to the gulf and then paddle back down to the house.  (sometimes you will see tour boats or recreational boats parked on the bay side at that point, it is approximately a quarter mile this side of the manatee slow zone)  

        On an outgoing tide, the water flows south, we like to go about a three quarters of a mile         down and carry the boards across the island at one of the neighbors houses where there is say not a boat on the dock so likely no one home, and just walk it over to the gulf and paddle home.  Last but not least there is a great small loop directly behind the house heading east.  Spend some time on google earth studying the terrain and also monitor the tides.  Bring a portable VHF radio with you. Stay within your skill level.IMG_1186.JPG


Three SUP rules please:

*Pick up and carry the boards, do not drag them.

*Do not run aground at shore, instead, step off just prior to board coming in                 contact with the beach, and pick up the board.

*Turn the board upside down while not in use.


Keewaydin Island is unusual in that it is for the most part, in its natural undisturbed by mankind state.  Wildlife does exist on the island and in the water. You are likely to see several species. We have NOT had any negative encounters with wildlife. Common sense should be used when you encounter wildlife. Do not approach them and likely they will move along. We cannot stress enough DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE. We do everything possible to discourage them from getting dependent upon handouts and becoming a nuisance. Please do not leave food on the lanai or beach.

There are literally 100s of species of birds, plants and animals on keewaydin island.  We have wild pigs, deer, raccoons, armadillos, lizards, bobcats, snakes, rays, small sand sharks, dolphins, manatees and even an occasional bear family.  Having said all this, none of these wild animals are aggressive or threats to humans.

Mosquitos / No See Ums / Misc..:

The gulf has its share of airborne nuisances, so be very mindful of keeping the doors to the outside closed. Use bug spray and or skin lotion if you're going to be outside especially at dusk and around the vegetation. The beach area rarely has any bugs, as the gentle winds usually push them away. So inside the house, on the beach and on a moving boat, are usually safe from pesky bugs.  

On the gulf coast of Florida on a barrier Island, there are bound to be mosquitoes and no see ums.  For the most part, bug spray works for the mosquitoes, but not so much for the no see em, also known as sand flies.  Use the provided skin so soft Avon product for sand fly’s.  What our experience has show is that first of all you must keep all doors to house with screens closed.  At dawn and dusk it's critical not to linger near the bushes outside or down to the dock area especially if it's not windy.  The safest places are inside the screened patio and house, the beach, close to the water, and if you head towards the bay, get quickly out on the boat to get the air moving. If you follow these rules you should stay relatively free of pesky bugs.

Loggerhead Turtles: May 1 through October 31

They are only on the island for an hour or two at night to lay their nests. You may walk the beach to possibly see them. If you are lucky enough to have a Lagger Head sighting to your Island Experience please do not disrupt them with any sort of light or flash photography. Keep a couple yards between you and them and save the memory in your mind. If they are interrupted they will abandon the nesting process and not return. They are a protected species.

Report A Nest: The conservancy will drive the beach daily on a four wheeler. If they miss a nest feel free to call it in and they will come mark it and record it. It will look like a very large tire track coming from the gulf to the nest.

If you are lucky enough to see a nest hatch it lasts only 5 to 10 minutes. You may                 photograph and film the hatch.


There are several species of ray in the gulf. In the warmer months don't forget to shuffle your feet in the water rather than high stepping. If you shuffle your feet and bump into one it will dart off. If you step on top of one it may whip its tail and hit you with its barb. Reminder: We have never had a negative encounter with wildlife.


Our current guest boat is a 23 ‘ Southwind Deck Boat.

NOTE:  Outboard Trimmed All the Way up when docked.

Mooring whips pulled tight with tension to keep boat away from dock.

Your boat captain will go through detailed instructions for navigating backwater to the island, docking the boat, proper storage procedures when not in use, and any additional important tips will be covered during the commute to the island. The boat tutorial below is VERY IMPORTANT to review prior to your arrival and boat operation. Guests are responsible for boat damage caused by negligent operation and towing fees.

Leaving and entering the marina slow speed is very important. Have the push pole readily accessible prior to departing the dock and a designated helper if needed. Use the pole as needed to avoid contact with docked boats. GO SLOW!! We suggest facing the boat out of the docking area by hand before departing. This is quite easy with the use of the push pole to turn the boat around. Don’t be afraid to ask for help boat repairs are expensive.

Boat Mechanical Operations:

Full tank of gas. We will leave you with a full tank of gas (60 gallons) Should you need more gas (when you hit 1/4 tank) Hamilton Harbor is the easiest to fuel at.

Depth Finder:

Backwaters are shallow. Be mindful of the depth and use the depth finder for reference. Depth finders are typically not accurate at speeds.


Unlike many cars the boat lights do NOT turn themselves off. Turn off all switches after docking. Turn the battery switch, under the rear seat, to the “OFF” position when the boat is docked.

Turn the battery switch to either “1” or “2” position when you are using the boat. We do not recommend turning the battery switch to “both”. If you drain one battery you have another. If you drain both you are stranded.

Alternate between battery one and battery two with each day's use, that keeps both batteries fully charged.

Outboard: The boat is equipped with an outboard motor. After docking the boat please raise the outboard to full upright position. Before starting the motor LOWER the outboard to submerge the prop fully under water. A dry start can burn up the impeller (water pump) in a matter of seconds.

Shallow water may require raising the outboard to avoid the prop hitting ground and the impeller sucking up sand and damaging it.

If you run aground the prop will generally hit bottom and shut off “safe mode” the motor. DO NOT try starting the motor before checking water depth, a path back the way you came, and possibly the need to exit the boat and push through shallow waters.

Once you have determined water depth you may be able to raise the outboard enough to keep the prop and intake for the impeller below the water and use low power to navigate back to deeper water.

DO NOT try to navigate to deeper water or muscle the boat out of shallow water by engaging more power to the prop. You will cause major, expensive damage. Please be mindful of where you are to avoid an expensive parting bill for boat repair. Lower unit repairs on average $1,300.

Officers on the Water:

You may encounter one of four branches of policing agencies on the water. Coast Guard, Collier County Sheriff, Game Warden and State Police. Boat registration information is in the plastic container on the key chain. Required items to be familiar with on the boat are: life jacket for each person, throwable flotation device with arms length of the driver, working horn, working navigation lights, fire extinguisher and if in gulf waters a flair. Familiarize yourself with all above items before venturing out on the water.

Boat Failure:

In the event of boat failure DROP ANCHOR call Sea Tow or Tow Boat USA (page 2) or channel 16 on the VHF radio. Coast guard monitors channel 16 for emergencies. Weather is channel 7.

Stranded / Beached: 1) Exit Boat and push

                        2) Wait for higher tide.

                        3) Raise outboard keeping water supply for impeller below water &                                     navigate back slowly.

                        4) Pole to deeper water.

                        5) Call Sea Tow or Tow Boat USA (page 2)

In the event towing is needed you will need to make the determination as to where to be towed. Either back to the house or to the marina where you arrived. Do not choose another marina or alternate location. Be prepared to cover the expense of towing. If towing is not due to operator error you will be reimbursed for the expense.

In the event you choose the marina we do keep a “service boat” which may be used to return to the island. If you do use the service boat to return to the island please note we will have no transportation to get to you if needed.

Should you encounter the need for towing please call Shawn immediately.  He will help you determine best course of action.  If the need is apparent for towing:

Boat Towing:        

Tow Boat US:                                  (239) 389-1177

Sea Tow:                                 (239) 263-3188

                                         (239) 394-1188

Docking the Boat:

Do not hesitate to stop, back up and take another shot at it.

When docking the boat at the house an incoming tide works in your favor. An outgoing tide will prove more challenging as the tide will take you away from the dock.  

When docking slow speed is the key. You speed should be no faster than you would be comfortable with hitting the dock.

While Docked:

Outboard in full out of water position, battery in off position, boat tied in front and back with tension on the poles as shown at orientation to keep the boat from banging the dock repeatedly.

Boating In the Gulf:

While only advised in no to less than 1 foot swells always be aware of boating / weather reports.

Access ONLY from Gordan Pass or via the route to Marco Island for groceries. Do not attempt accessing the Gulf straight up the channel and cutting short the south tip of the island, odds are you WILL get beached.  Study the provided waterway charts.

Night Boating:

We highly discourage night boating. Should you need transportation at night please book a boat captain in advance. (see boat transportation page 4)

Restaurants By Boat:

There are several locations in and around Marco Island, Naples Bay and Bayfront that may be accessed by boat with limited dock parking.

Snook Inn (Marco Island, on the main Marco River.)

Tin City  (Naples Bay, all the way towards town, a handful of restaurants with docks)



Fishing Gear:

We have a light supply of fishing gear you are welcome to use. We ask that you kindly rinse all gear after use at the outdoor shower. You may book an interactive fishing day to learn gulf fishing tips. If you book early in your stay you can perfect your skills the remainder of your Island Experience.

If you are an avid fisherman and would like to reserve more advanced fishing package we will be offering a step up from the courtesy fishing gear.

Guided Fishing Packages:  

You are welcome to use the fishing equipment in the storage shed or bring your favorite gear. Always remember to rinse fishing gear at the outdoor shower to remove sand and salt when you are done. We do offer interactive fishing packages if you are new to surf fishing.

                                                                                     2 people 2 or More

Beach/Surf Fishing Interactive Instructional :                                    $200        $400

Shark Fishing: (day/night from the beach)                                  $200        $400

Drone Fishing: Weather conditions permitting.                                 $300        $300

Mangrove & Structure Fishing:                                                 $400        $500

Professional Charter Boat Fishing Companies:

Charter Deep Sea:                                        Charter Backwater Fishing:

Six Chuter Charters                                        Backcountry FlatsMasters                  

Marco Island, FL (239) 389-1575                            Naples Florida (239)-877-6406

(will pick you up at our dock)


Back Country Flats Fishing

Specializing in light tackle & Fly fishing, hard to get to areas.

(239) 877-6406

(will pick you up at our dock)


Arrival Address:   2025 Davis Blvd, Naples, FL 34104

Marina to the island is approximately 45 minutes.

The most important navigation rule is to stay in between the red and green channel markers.  If you venture outside of the channel, you will almost always eventually run aground.  The old saying "red right returning" may apply while heading back to Naples, but I like to remember that the red markers are on the east or landside and the green markers are on the west or gulf side.  Staying in between the navigation markers going to and from the island will guarantee an uneventful and safe and easy passage back and forth from town.

Hamilton Harbor Secondary Pickup and Fuel

Map showing driving approach to 1500 Danford Street:


Our staff is committed year round to provide you with the best Island Experience possible. While not required, guests often recognize the hard work our staff puts in, rain or shine, hot or cold. We do not include gratuity on our billing. We feel you deserve the choice to show your appreciation based on our performance. If you choose, there are envelopes available at the desk. We typically divide gratuities amongst the turn over staff and 2 additional housekeepers unless you specifically designate an envelope to a specific staff member. Our turnover staff consists of the important contacts above and two additional housekeepers.  PLease let the house manager know if you have left an envelope at the desk or hand it to him personally. Please do not leave it with other staff members. Thank you.

Beach House Notes:

While our home is a “beach house” we try our best to keep it well equipped and maintained. Many years of perfecting the Island Experience and many hours preparing for your arrival is an orchestrated complex task our staff continues to master and is always open to constructive suggestions.


Boat Transport:

If you are not comfortable navigating to and from the island you may schedule, in advance, boat captain service.

Note: captains service below are if you have included boat rental in your Island Experience.

                Late arrival guest transport:                 $200.00

                Early departure guest transport                $200.00

                1/2 Day Captain 10:00 - 2:00                 $250.00

                1/2 Day Captain 2:00 - 6:00                        $250.00

                Full Day Captain 10:00 - 6:00                $400.00

Note: Captains service below are if you did not include boat rental in your Island Experience.

                Late arrival guest transport:                        $250.00

                Early departure guest transport:                $250.00

                1/2 day Captain and boat:                        $450.00

                Full day Captain and boat:                        $600.00

Extended Booking Maid Service:

If your stay is longer than a week and you wish to have beds changed, house cleaning, laundry, and any additional maid service. You will need to schedule in advance and no later than your day of arrival day. Maid service requires a boat Captain and an additional staff member.                                                 $500.