Get Involved!

Thank you so much for your interest in and enthusiasm for the International Museum of Women’s forthcoming and revolutionary exhibition on Muslim Women's Arts & Voices!  Many of you have expressed your interest in participating but are discouraged that because of your age and/or location, you are not eligible to participate in the first phase of the project.

Here are a few important ways you can be involved from the beginning of this exhibition:

1. Comments and Social Media. When the exhibition launches, you can begin posting blogs / comments, etc.  We will highlight certain posts in the exhibition that we find to have a unique perspective or that add something new / intriguing to the ongoing dialogue.

We’re also looking for women who will be advocates and champions for the project across social media, in a formal or informal capacity. Please contact me if you’d like to play a formal role in this capacity.

2. Timely blog contributions. I am looking for women who can write quick blog postings on current issues to be included as part of the exhibition. Think of the exhibition like a newspaper. When national / international events occur that affects Muslim communities (such as France's banning of the veil or the Arab Springs) we'd like women to immediately contribute to the exhibition by responding.

If you'd like to be one of the women who we turn to, please send me writing samples. Please note: we will also consider photographs / other forms of art / songs etc. that speak to current events.

Then, from March onwards, we will be looking for ideas and contributions from women all over the world. We will issue a public call for submissions beginning in March.

The exhibition is a living, evolving project. We envision it being both an exhibition and a campaign. The best way to participate from the beginning is to subscribe to the museum's eNews (, Facebook page and twitter feed (@IMOWomen) so you can remain on the forefront of the exhibition's evolution. Or please contact us directly at

We are as excited about this exhibition as you and look forward to hearing from all of you.

Samina Ali

Curator, Muslim Women’s Art & Voices

International Museum of Women