Составьте из предложений вопросы, используя Хитрость “Золотой ключик”.

1.     Karlsson ate 13 jars of jam for lunch.  (how many)

2.     At 8  o’clock Putin was swimming. (what)

3.     Lobelia went to the beauty spa yesterday. (where)

4.     Louis was watching Gorillas in the Park during the flight. (what film)

5.     Yesterday Simon found 600 euros. (how much money)

6.     At 10 o’clock Sam was drawing apples. (what)

7.     Alex was walking around the lake yesterday. (where)

8.     Komoff lost his bag and umbrella yesterday. (what)

9.     I saw a locust in my room (what)?

10.   John is smelling shrimps now. (why)?

11.   Yesterday Simon found 3 long mosquitoes. (how many).

Ключи - здесь.

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