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Resources for DryadLab Session at BQSW 2012
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Dryad Lab Resource Page

This is the resource page for the DryadLab Sessions at the BioQUEST Summer Workshop 2012.  The materials for each module are available here, but will eventually be housed in DryadLab.  

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Dryad Lab Materials


BIRDD is a collection of data around the Galapagos Islands and finches.  BIRDD is ian extremely rich collection of data for students to work with, but it is in the process of being transferred between platforms. If you find links or data sets that are missing or need clarification, please contact Kristin or Sam.

Files available include:

BIRDD Intro Activities.doc

BIRDD Molecular activity.doc

BIRDD Morpho activity.doc

Data files:

Sulloway's measurements of the finches collected during Darwin's journey on the Beagle:

BIRDD web page: 

        Supplemental Data Files: coming shortly

Extinction Risk

This lab explores the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence extinction susceptibility.  It engages students in basic analysis.  

Files available include:

extinction bias slide set IV.pptx (4.7MB) - This is classroom ready.

Outlineofextinctionlab IV.doc

Google Spreadsheet instructions.docx

Teacher Background.docx


Primate Life History Data

This lab explores the data underlying survivorship curves.  Students are guided through analysis of specific datasets to generate and analyze their own survivorship curves.  

Files available include:



3.InstructorPowerPoint_PrimateLifeHistory.pptx (10.4MB)



Wood Density

This lab looks at the economic implications of wood anatomy.  It would be ideal for a plant physiology/anatomy course.  

Files available include:

DRAFT_dryadlab_wood_slides.pptx (5.6MB)