Beginners Guide to the /r/teenagers IRC

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What is IRC?

“Lonely men and women sit in silence before their computers at night, staring maniacally as pages of text scrolls before their eyes. The phrases and gestures, pleading and begging for attention, only hint at life, but this is almost forgotten as you bark off a laugh after a good exchange. But as the jokes and laughter subside you realize you are sitting alone in your underwear at 3am, laughing in the dark. This is the state of being that is IRC.” (Urban Dictionary)

No really, what is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's a protocol that aids in online textual conversation. For the uninitiated, if you connect to an IRC, you can join a chat room and talk. IRC has existed for many years, predating the internet as we know it.

Why is it so much better than other mediums of group chat?

IRC can efficiently host thousands of people at a time in a single room, controlling spam and giving the room moderators proper control of each and every variable that determines the experience of the users.


How do you connect to the /r/teenagers IRC channel?

You can do it two ways:

1. Simply click on the webchat link in the sidebar, choose a nick, save the world.

2. Download an IRC client. These are different softwares that come for all major desktop and mobile platforms and help you connect to your chat room of choice. Think of an IRC client like a web browser. A web browser helps you browse websites. An IRC client helps you browse chat rooms. Different protocols, different software.

No matter what software you choose, these are the details that will get you connected:

IRC server: [Port 6667 - default IRC port]

Room/Channel: #teenagers

Clients for Windows, Mac

An IRC app is the best way to connect from a mobile phone, tablet, or iPod Touch.

Android, iOS (This is a forums page filled with opinions. Choose carefully!)

Windows Phone  (Note: These apps are not all IRC apps. Remember to read the reviews!)

What Next?

Assuming that you joined the chatroom using the webchat linked to in the sidebar, you'll be presented a window with the conversation going on in the centre and a list of users on the right side.

Do note that this is a teenagers webchat, so depending on the time of the day you hop in, you may find people talking about their country's foreign policy, the vice president's sex tape, the brand of condoms they buy, their opinion on religion, their opinion on the viscosity of the ejaculate or simply whatever rustles their jimmies.

When someone mentions your nickname, you should get a sound alert and the sentence that had your nick should turn red. This helps you keep track of a conversation. It is generally a good habit to append the nick of the person you're referring to before your sentence.

However, if someone's nick is IamdaDextorminatorLOL1337, do you type that all out?

No, you just type the letter I and keep on pressing the Tab key until you have that nick auto-completed. Sweet, right?

Note: You can send a personal/private message by typing /msg nick Hello nick how you doin?

So let's assume you like what's going on, you like the people, and you think maybe you will come back tomorrow. Assume you signed in with the nick Maggie. Is it possible that some other Maggie plans to use this nick tomorrow? Yes. Can you reserve it for yourself? Yes.

On IRC, you can register your nickname. This is similar to how you sign up for Reddit and then sign in when you come back later.

To sign up (aka registering your nick.)

Type /ns register password email address and press enter.

Replace the 'password' with your password of choice and 'email address' with your email address. This email address will only be used in case of password retrieval for when you forget it.

You will now need to verify your email address. Upon registration you’ll get an email with a command. Copy and paste that command into the chat, press enter and you’re done.

When you come back later tomorrow, choose the same nick as before and type

/ns identify password.

Let’s Review!

Maggie comes online and opens the webchat. She types in her nickname and clicks connect.

She then types /ns identify mycatisthecutestabomination and presses enter. She's signed in!

Note: How do you change nick mid-session?

Use the command /nick nick. For example, if Maggie is going out for a minute, she can change her nickname by doing /nick Maggie_away

Note: IRC is administered by the use of commands. Any sentence that starts with / is a command and usually whatever comes after it will not be sent to the chatroom you're in, (example: password when signing in.)

What happens if log in with my nick but forget to identify/sign in within the given time period (90 seconds)?

Your nick will change to something like UnidentifiedUser1232. Your real nick will be locked and you won't be able to switch to it using /nick mynick for a minute or two. You'll now be required to release your old nick to use it again. This is the command you'll need to release it:

/ns release nick mypassword

So Maggie will be doing /ns release Maggie mycatisthecutestabomination. She can now do /nick Maggie. Then /ns identify mycatisthecutestabomination.

Understanding the User List

If you take a look at the userlist on the side, you'll notice that some people have symbols such as @ before their name.

What do these mean?

~ means room owner

@ means room operator (called “ops”, these function similar to subreddit moderators)

+ means voiced user.

The operators are the moderators of the channel. They keep a lookout for those who break the channel rules and will kick or ban on a breach.

Why are users voiced?

A user is automatically voiced if the user has identified/signed in to his account. A voiced user is able to converse in the channel when the channel is put on mute. The channel may be put on mute in case we have a spammer who floods the room with gibberish. The ops can simply mute the channel and in the meantime proceed to place a ban. All this while, voiced users can talk like they had been doing before but unvoiced users and spammers wouldn't be able. So register to get voice! However, mods can temporarily mark you as voiced.


Hey, what's your ASL (Age/Sex/Location?)

...but ASL is so 2003. This is a new decade and SLAPASS is the new ASL!

SLAPASS stands for Sex / Location / Age / Picture / Aspirations / Sexuality / Starsign

You can also bring up the format for a slapass by typing !slapass into the chat window. Be wary though, this shows the format to all the users so don’t do it too much!

This is the format the IRC channel uses for storing user information. You don't necessarily have to use this format or even add your information, but you should add it because it's fun to stalk people. Right, right?

So how do you view someone's SLAPASS?

Simple type !info nick and press enter. Note: these commands start with a !

How do you add your SLAPASS?

*You need to be registered and signed in to add your information*

Type !add your sex / location / age / picture link ... and so on.

Now people can do !info yournick to know more about you!

Simpler summary by Erin:

when you are like "dang. i want to know more about this person, you go" !info NAME and it will pop up with a little blurb about the person and when you register your name you can blurb your own info.

Note: SLAPASSes are handled by Infobot. It is an IRC bot run by the user scaled. If you encounter any problems with the bot not working for you, you should contact scaled.

Channel Quote Database

Our IRC channel is hosted on the Awfulnet IRC network.

What's a network?

A network is like a hotel, you can join and enter various rooms. Our room #teenagers is one of them.

Awfulnet provides a quote database for all its users. Think someone said something really funny, or do you think the conversation you're having right now is fabulously spectacular? Copy it up and post it. People can vote it up and down and maybe you'll go down in history as the one with the best taste in IRC humor. (Or maybe not...)

See the top most voted quotes here

Add your own quotes

  1. Check if the bot Gil is present.
  2. If present, and the quote is a single line, use the following format to add it to the database

gil quote <The_Ultimate_Jedi> I should go back in the past and educate myself on the intricacies of a perfect foot massage.

  1. If the quote is in multi-line, use the following format

gil quotebegin (press enter)

<matt> hey rob (press enter)

<rob> what (press enter)

<matt> do you know what sucks? (press enter)

<rob> LoL? (press enter)

<matt> is this funny to you? (press enter)

<rob> maybe it is to the dimwit who wrote the irc guide (press enter)

<matt> IKR?! (press enter)

quoteend (press enter)

  1. If you make a mistake midway, type quotediscard to discard the quote and start again.

Note: The quote bot, Gil is run by the user cdh473 and any complaints or suggestions regarding it should be directed to him.