Guided Notes: Geography of Ancient Greece

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Geography of Ancient Greece

Different than other civilizations we have studied

        -Civilizations we have already studied depended on this

                *** Major River

Greece is different: No Major river

Located at the __southeast   corner _ of _Europe ____

The Sea

Ancient Greece is tied to the sea, which means what?

________They depend on it____________________________________

-Long coastline with many bays and inlets

        *Result: great harbor

-Being so close to the sea

        *Result: become expert sailors

-Most people lived where? ___Near the coast______________________

*Why? ____good farm land_____________________________________

--things they grew:



        - barley

Independent Communities

Mountains_____ divided Greece into many different _regions____.

Although all the people of Greece spoke the same language and had the same religion, it was very hard to __unify_______ Ancient Greece.

--_Mountains_ physically _seperated______ the people.

*Result: hard to travel to other regions

*Result: cities had own way of doing things

Way of Life

Climate of Greece: _pleasant

*Rains during __winter months___

*Hot, dry during _summer months_________

--Outdoor way of life—

        - shopped

        - watched plays

        - meetings

        - celebrations

        -sporting events

Two Early Greek Civilizations

_Crete___: Island in the Mediterranean Sea

Home of the first Greek civilization: _Minoan Civilization____________

        - written language

        - weave cloth

        -make pottery and jewelry

King: __Minos___

Acquired Wealth by: _Trade_____

Famous for having _Bull Jumping__ shows.

Eventually became _weak_____, but nobody knows why.

_Mycenea__ took control after the Minoan Civilization fell.

        -Most _Powerful_ Greek __city___-__state__.

-Could _defend__ itself against any attack.

        How? _20 foot thick walls surround city

Major action of the Mycenaens? ___pillage and plunder_____________

Ancient Greece