Life As We Knew It’s subject of the story, Miranda, is stuck between a rock and a hard place as she struggles to survive a series of catastrophes after the moon was struck by a meteor and knocked out of orbit. This book was a slow read at first, being unable to hold my attention for long, but then after a few chapters, I was literally unable to set the novel down, therefore, I would recommend this book to other readers if they are in for a quick read and enjoy a good survivalist story.

        If you enjoy reading for fun and can read at a fast pace, this book will fly by you, leaving you wondering what everyone else was thinking about during the natural disasters. However, this book is not for readers would are looking for the more action packed stories as Life As We Knew it can get boring about halfway through. You start to think: “Can the situation get any worse?” But you already know the answer is yes because it becomes expectant as it also becomes quite repetitive.

        The post apocalyptic theme throughout the book will keep you zoned into the book, wondering what could happen next. The scene at the grocery store is one of the most interesting section of the novel. The writing by Pfeffer really allows you to feel accommodated and actually included in this scene. The in depth description of everyone running around much like chickens with their heads cut off is enough to hold you.

        The way that Pfeffer describes the character personalities as time progresses gives the book a realistic feeling, creating the possibility that this could actually happen. Characters transform into selfish beings, caring for their own health and safety rather than the others around them. “A man came over to us. He had a wagon, but he looked desperate...” (page 37),Pfeffer describes a man in distress attempting to get groceries. “Please come in with me so I can use your cart...”(page 37). Miranda and her mother give in to the man and help him out, hesitating at first. But later on, Miranda’s mother, along with many others, refuse to help anyone else but themselves.

        All in all, it really is quite a good read. You can really plow through it with the easy-to-read diary entry styled writing. It keeps you on your toes and leaves you wondering. If you do not prefer books such as this, I say give it a chance, it grows on you.