Chrome User Agreement

As a student at RVHS I understand that I am being issued a Chromebook to use during class that I am responsible for the care and safe keeping. I also understand that these items are for school use and therefore will require me to abide by a certain set of rules pertaining to these items. (Such rules are listed below) By signing below I agree to abide by these rules and care for the Chromebook to the best of my ability.

The Chromebook and all software, applications, and documents stored on it are property of District 2 and RVHS; therefore, all are subject to review and monitoring at any time at the discretion of school faculty, staff, and administration.

Use of the Chromebook is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. Possible causes for a revocation of this privilege are as follows:

• Improper handling, transporting, storage, or care of the device

• Sharing of the device (allowing others to use, handle, or transport)

• Failure to pick up/dock the device at the appropriate time or location

• Violation of a teacherʼs specific classroom rules/policies in regards to technology

• Violation of the RD2 Technology Acceptable Use Policy

• Any other activity that is deemed inappropriate, careless, or destructive by RVHS faculty/staff

Damage of a Chromebook should be reported to school personnel immediately. Should the damage be determined to have occurred due to a Technology Violation, that recommendation by the teacher will be that student will be responsible for the replacement or repair costs associated with that Chromebook.

I look forward to exploring the power of 1:1 technology with you!

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