From: Wheat, Sarah

Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 10:59 AM

To: 'Gardner Selby'

Subject: Here's a PolitiFact for the Truth-O-Meter


Hi Gardner: I hope you’re doing well! I know it is a busy news day and I realize that Gov. Perry isn’t a presidential candidate anymore. But, he is still Governor and had a quote in a Politico article that is 100% inaccurate (quote and article below).


Abortion clinics in Texas aren’t eligible for federal or state funding. Clinics that closed as a result of the Legislature’s budget cuts to women’s health are clinics that provide low-income and uninsured women with HIV tests; cervical and breast cancer screenings; treatment for sexually transmitted infections; birth control; and other basic medical exams. His boastful quote below is patently false.


If you or your team would like additional information on this, I’m happy to point you to some resources.


Take care! Best,


Sarah J. Wheat