[Facebook Like Button (The Original)]

The purpose is to let FB community know that someone checked out one of your websites, pressed LIKE because he liked it, so his friends from FB can also visit your website, increasing its traffic and the number of LIKE-s as well.

[Not-Like Button (Widget)]

Twice as many buttons (one LIKE and one NOT LIKE) mean twice as accurate statitics. You will know if there is something a visitor doesn’t like on your site. (ideal for products, concepts, ideas, blogs) Unlike Facebook Like button, it indicates on the user’s wall if he doesn’t like something but let’s not forget that negative advertising is also advertising. Since people will want to know what their friend did not like on your site they will check it out, thus increasing your traffic. Consequently you will have even more accurate and detailed info on what you do well – or not well, for that matter.

[With or without picture]

Not-Like Button can be selected with or without a picture, in dark or light color, according to your taste and demands. Setting it up is easy and comfortable, only the key pieces of information are needed. No registration, email or further requriements!


The code is easy to generate on FB but to make setup more easy, let us sum it up in a few sentences:

<iframe scrolling=no width=350 height=160 allowtransparency="true" align=top frameborder=0 src="http://not-like.com/notlike/?color=light&pic=1&url=YOUR_SITE" frameborder="0"></iframe>

This is an "iframe", an inbuilt frame which helps import contents for your website.

width=350 height=160

determines the size of widget. If you have special needs, its easy to change size of button by changing the numbers here.


Right now there are two versions of the buttons, light and dark. If you change the word after the word color in the link, button color will change  - choose what’s more sutibale for your website! 


This is the most important part of the document. Change the YOUR_SITE part to your own url or variable (that generate your unique url). For example if we would like to put the widget to the main page of our blog we use a simple URL like this:


but if we would like to add the button to every single page on the site automatically we have to use a variable provided by the engine of the site. In our blog this is it:

url=<e:Entry.Url />

[Known variable aka what should I write]

If you have a page/blog that has the possibility to show gadget/widget that is a simple way to do only insert the requested variable on the http://not-like.com, generate the iframe code and paste it to your site. Thats all folks!

A little help for those who have  .blog.hu

sites and wish to use the buttons without picture (default):

insert the following  iframe in your site:

<iframe scrolling=no width=250 height=50 allowtransparency="true" align=top frameborder=0 src="http://not-like.com/notlike/?color=light&pic=0&url=<blh:post_permalink />" frameborder="0"></iframe>

if you use freeblog.hu insert this iframe:

<iframe scrolling=no width=250 height=50 allowtransparency="true" align=top frameborder=0 src="http://not-like.com/notlike/?color=light&pic=0&url=<e:Entry.Url />" frameborder="0"></iframe>

if you are using another blog engine or service provider, or just have some questions, you can always send us an email to :


and we will do everything to help!

[Feedback is a good thing]

We want our service to be the best available. This is a free widget.  We develope it because we enjoy our job and we like to see the results. However, to achieve even better results, we need you! Please use the widget, then tell us hwether or not you like it... use it and tell us what changes you would like to see.... use it and tell us what you don’t like about it. For you, it’s only an email. For us, it’s pure heaven.  



Thanks for reading our mail!

Thanks for using the button (widget)!

And thanks a lot for every answer, feedback, reaction, scolding, comment, smiley, anything....

Bests, Not-Like team (my name is Csaba – I’m telling you this because I know how hard it is to write an email without knowing whom to address it to.....)