Credit Recovery - American History B

Course Description

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of American History. The content will focus on the origins of the nation’s democratic principles and continue through present day domestic and foreign issues that affect American society. There will be a particular emphasis on the individuals and groups that have not only been impacted by the nation’s development but those who have made contributions as well. Students will utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills as they participate in interactive discussions and complete assignments establishing real-world connections.

Course Outline

Semester 2 

Reconstructing and Expanding America (1865–1890)

Reconstructing and Expanding America: Introduction

Section 1 - Reconstruction

Section 2 - U.S. Expansion Westward

Section 3 - Innovations and Industry

Section 4 - Big Business

Section 5 - Unionization

From the Age of Extremes to a World Power (1880–1914)

From the Age of Extremes to a World Power: Introduction

Section 1 - Immigration

Section 2 - City Growth

Section 3 - Culture and Politics

Section 4 - Imperialist Attitudes

Section 5 - World War I

Progressivism to Hard Times (1900–1932)

Progressivism to Hard Times: Introduction

Section 1 - Government Reform and Women’s Rights

Section 2 - Moral Issues and Conflicts

Section 3 - Social and Cultural Trends

Section 4 - Business, Economy, and Government Policy

Section 5 - Depression and the New Deal

America: A World Leader Emerges (1933–1957)

America: A World Leader Emerges: Introduction

Section 1 - The Road to War

Section 2 - The War in Europe

Section 3 - The War in the Pacific

Section 4 - World War II and the American Home Front

Section 5 - World War II and Beyond

The Tumultuous Sixties (1957–1972)

The Tumultuous Sixties: Introduction

Section 1 - Kennedy and Johnson

Section 2 - Foreign and Domestic Issues

Section 3 - Vietnam and the Nixon Years

The Road to the Modern Era (1974–Present)

The Road to the Modern Era: Introduction

Section 1 - The Ford and Carter Administrations

Section 2 - The Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations

Section 3 - The Clinton and George W. Bush Administrations

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify the origins of the United States.
  2. Analyze significant documents that have impacted the development of the nation.
  3. Identify key events in the nation’s development.
  4. Identify significant individuals that contributed to the nation’s development.
  5. Describe issues that have affected, and still affect, the nation both home and abroad.
  6. Describe the causes and effects of the various wars that Americans have fought.
  7. Discuss the characteristics that define the United States as a World Power.