Snugglebutt’s Sophisticated Sneezing Soup


1 cup of diluted Troll Snot (water)

4 drops of black vampire blood (black food colouring)

2/3 cup of Centaur saliva (vinegar)

2 Pinches of giants dandruff (oats porridge)

2 heaped spoons of Crystallised Unicorn tears (bicarb)


Fill the pot with the Troll Snot then add vampire blood.  

Stir 4 times each. Then Add the giant’s dandruff.

After stirring, chant the spell “Profusius Mucus Probiscus” 3 times all together.

Now, very slowly, add the crystallised Unicorn Tears.

Give this to your enemies to make them sneeze uncontrollably.

Professor sprout’s Trumping troll tonic

1 cup of belladonna cabbage juice (Water)

3 heaped teaspoons of powdered parsel-tongue prunes (bicarb)

12 dried flub worms (rice)

3 drops of swamp essence (Green food colouring)

½ cup of troll sweat (vinegar)


Add belladonna cabbage juice and powdered parsel-tongue prunes to pot.  Stir and dissolve.

Add flub worms to swamp essence and mix.  Add mixture to pot.

Chant ‘laundramatticus essentialus’ 3 times.

Slowly add troll sweat.

Use to make your enemies parp profusely

Weasley’s Puking pastille Potion

1 cup of Unicorn pee (Water)

3 spoons of dried powdered chameleon (Corn flour)

1 spoon of concentrated troll puss (Yellow Food colouring)

1 spoon of concentrated squid ink (Blue food colouring)

1 spoon of Yak blood (red food colouring)

Pour unicorn pee into cauldron. Add the dried powdered chameleon, one spoon at a time (each child having a turn), stirring after each.

Once mixed, add spoon of troll puss and stir while chanting:

Yelly, yelly, smelly belly x 3

Note colour: It should be Yellow

Add Squid ink and stir while chanting:

Blue, blue, smells like poo x 3

Note colour: It should be green

Add Yak Blood and stir while chanting:

Red, red, wet your bed x 3

Note Colour: it should be brown

Give to enemies to make them puke (or drink to avoid school)