Self Portrait Poetry Anthology Project

Steps 1-7 are due on __________________

Part 2 is due by ______________________

check off each step as you complete it.

note that most of this project will be done in class, however if students want to work on part one at home, they can.

Name: _____________________________ # ___________

Part 1

  1. Read lots and lots of poems.  Place a sticky note next to poems that “speaks to you.” ____
  2. Choose five poems to type into your ePortfolio poetry section. ____
  3. Write a response for each poem using the reading response template (see example below). ____
  4. After you set up your Google Poetry Site, type both your poem (exactly how it looks on the page) and your response into your Google site (see example below). ____
  5. Edit your response and poem with a classmate or family member.  Have your editor sign his/her name here: _________________________________________
  6. Choose one poem for your poetry movie by mid October.  Practice reading the poem over and over again with expression and volume.

Part Two: When done with 1-6, start your iMovie project:

This section will be completed in class.

  1. Practice reading your selected poem over and over again.
  2. Make a photo booth of yourself reading the poem. You can have a prop, wear a simple costume or create a backdrop (setting) for this.
  3. Move photobooth movie to desk top; open up iMovie and import photo booth movie to iMovie.
  4. Add a title slide with poem title and poet.
  5. Add a closing slide.
  6. Edit with the teacher.
  7. When done with this section you can add any of the following bonus items:
  1. Illustrate the poem, type the words and add those illustrations and words to your movie.
  2. Go to garage band, make music that matches your poem.  Share the music with iTunes and an iLife preview.  Import the music to the fim, make sure it is not too loud.
  3. Research the poet of the poem you chose.  Write a short biography of the poet, and add it to your movie. Upload images of the poet and his/her books on the same movie.  
  4. Do you have another bonus idea?  If so, let me know.

Type the poem into your ePortfolio exactly how the author wrote it on the page.  Then type your response below the poem.



Poem Title:   ________________________________________________________________

Author: ____________________________________________________________________


Type Poem Exactly How It Looks on the Page


Reading Response


This poem speaks to me because ______________________________________________________________________.

The words, ___________________________________________________________________

remind me of ___________________________________________________________________

Also, the phrase, “_____________________________________________________________________


provides a portrait of me because ______________________________________________________________________.

I would recommend this poem to people who ______________________________________________________________________

because ______________________________________________________________________.

Ms. Devlin’s Example

Bedroom Ocean

By Ralph Fletcher 

Dad says: Go to sleep,

But instead I lie in bed,

Pretending. . . .


The darkness is the ocean.

These fingers are seaweed

Floating this way and that.


My oyster eyelids

Slowly open and close.

My eyes shine like pearls.


This poem speaks to me because when I was young, my father would say to me, “Go to sleep, Maureen,” but I couldn’t sleep.  I wanted to make up stories.  The words, “But instead I lie in bed,/Pretending “ remind me of  the nights I would lie awake “drawing my dreams” in a notebook  I kept hidden under my bed. Also, the phrase, “ My eyes shine like pearls.” provides a portrait of me because my heart would shine when I wrote those stories.  I felt all warm and happy inside.  I would recommend this poem to people who are dreamers because it tells the story of a dreamer, writer and artist, Ralph Fletcher, who would lie in bed at night pretending with sea metaphors and similes.