-  with a little help from a friend!

                (Mr Agamenoni)

You get to choose how to learn  if you are taking my class!!

1. Decide what you want to learn  - what you really want to learn!

2. Once you’ve decided  what you want to learn - then maybe you would like to create a blog to   help you along with your thinking?

     Try one of these: posterous, wordpress, blogger...your choice!

3. Or maybe you’d like to connect to people with the same interest - to help you along!

    Try one or these: twitter, second life, diigo, plurk .... your choice!

4. Or maybe you’d like to create a digital project to demonstrate what you have learnt ...your choice!

     Try one of others: video, animoto, voicethread, wikispaces, slideshow, presentation, write a paper, write a story, google earth tour .... your choice!

5. Don’t forget - the goal always is to Share...