OpenStreetMap Foundation
Management Team meeting

Feb 18th, 2012 16:00 GMT 


Expecting: Andy Allan, Henk Hoff, Harry Wood, Oliver Kühn, Steve Coast, Mikel Maron, Matt Amos, Michael Collinson, Sam Larsen

Present: Henk, Steve, Oliver, Matt, Harry, Michael


Minutes previous meeting

February 1st, 2012

Proposed: Michael

Seconded: Harry


Agenda & Minutes

Upcoming license change April 1st - Db rebuilt

Rebuild mailinglist:

Database rebuild strategy

Two strategies:

- “Switchover” model: “Bing bang” with db off-line and have a clean-up of the database during the weekend of April 1st.

- “Gradual change” model proposed by Dermot in this post:  Having a script going through the database and delete stuff while db is online area by area. Matt is in favour.

After a discussion, the meeting was in favour of the “Gradual Change” strategy. Starting with the least tainted regions in the beginning of March.

Hack weekend

Would a hack weekend help, perhaps in March?

Or e-hacking-event?

Funding for flights for the main hackers?

Harry will talk about organising a hack event on the rebuild call tomorrow


The rebuild procedure will be synched with the visualisation tools present ( in order to help the community with remapping. Matt and Frederik will compare notes.

Meeting ended 17:04 GMT

Next meeting

Next regular scheduled meeting:

Wednesday March 8th, 6pm GMT, dial-in

Time and date up for discussion.....

Henk will send out Doodle for our next meeting.