This menu is in the process of being updated and should only be seen as a guide.  Please email us with any specific questions.


Wraps                                                                                         4.65

Served with a salad garnish and choice of two fillings below

Extra filling add 70p

Art House Sandwich                                                                          4.65

Our homemade bread and generous fillings are too large

to squash together, so we serve them open, danish style,

so you can admire them properly!

Served with a salad garnish

Select a filling from the choice below

Extra filling        add 70p

Stuff ‘em yourself pitas                                                                 4.65

Two toasted pita breads with a salad garnish,

served with two fillings from the choice below

Medley Wrap                                                                                5.45

Warm roasted vegetable wrap with hummus. Served with a salad garnish.

Replace hummus with feta?                                                                5.95

Deluxe Sandwich plate                                                                5.95

Your choice of sandwich, pita or wrap with two

fillings, served with a generous portion of salad and

a side of corn chips    

Soup & Sandwich                                                                        7.95

Our homemade soup of the day served with a small sandwich,

wrap or pita and your choice of filling from the list below.

organic cheddar, homemade hummus, organic feta, garlic & herb vegan cheese,

marinated olives, homemade bean pate.


Homemade Soup of the Day                                                        4.55

A hearty and filling bowl - always made fresh, using

local and organic ingredients. See specials board

With homemade bread and butter*                                                4.95

Mezedakia                                                                        5.95

A small but perfectly formed plate of stuffed vine

leaves, homemade hummus, toasted pita, olives

and fresh organic salad *

Naughty Nachos                                                                3.95  

Organic corn chips, topped with melted cheese

and served with a mild homemade salsa *

Beany Nachos                                                                4.25

Organic corn chips topped with organic baked beans

Add melted cheddar or vegan cream cheese   add 90p

* Substitute cheese with homemade bean pâté or vegan cream cheese for a dairy free alternative.


Hot Buttered Toast                                                                         2.35

Toad of Toad Hall’s favourite, made with homemade

organic bread *

Add honey, vegan cream cheese, hummus or homemade bean pâté        add 60p

Beans on Toast                                                                 3.65

Organic baked beans on homemade wholemeal toast

...with a sprinkle of grated mature cheddar                 add 70p

*Vegan/ wheat free option available. All food is subject to availability, occasionally we do run out!


All of our homemade daily’s are served with a generous

selection of freshly made, organic salads using seasonal

vegetables wherever possible

Chef's Hotpot of the Day                                                        7.95

Our daily hot specials are inspired by dishes from around

the world, served with organic basmati rice and fresh

organic salads. Please see specials board for details

Greek Mezze                                                                   7.95

Organic stuffed vine leaves, olives, fresh organic salad,

homemade hummus, toasted pita and feta cheese*

Greek Mezze sharer for two                                                                12.95

Nachos Grande                                                                 7.95

Organic corn chips piled with delicious veggie chilli, melted

cheese*, homemade salsa and soya yoghurt

Ploughman’s Lunch                                                                 6.95

A wedge of locally produced, award winning cheddar*

served with homemade bread, local pickle and fresh organic salad

Souper Ploughmans                                                                7.95

Soup of the day served with fresh bread, organic cheddar*,

local pickle and fresh organic salad

Burrito ‘’Casa del Arte’’                                                        7.95

Our homemade veggie chilli wrapped in a flour tortilla,

topped with melted cheese*, salsa and yoghurt

served with fresh salads and a side of corn chips

Chef’s Special of the Day                                                        6.95

Chef's special flan, pastry or pizza of the day with

salads. Please see our specials board for today's choices

Art House 'Chilli non Carne'                                                           7.95

Delicious chilli made with our own special recipe,

served over rice with a side of corn chips, salsa and

fresh salads                        add cheese         70p

The Voluptuous Vegan                                                        6.95        

Spoilt for choice? If you can’t decide which dairy free

option to go for, this one might be for you. Vegan

cream cheese, bean pâté, hummus, pickle, fresh

organic salad and toasted pita

Vegetable Medley Gratin                                                        9.95

A fusion dish of melted feta, topped with seasonal

roasted vegetables and crunchy pine nuts.



Child’s drink                                                                         85p

Choose from orange, apple or pear juice, or milk/soya  

Small Sandwich                                                                3.95

Choose from cheese, hummus, bean pâté or vegan

cream cheese. Served with a child’s drink  

Small Salad with topping                                                        3.95

Choose from cheese, hummus, bean pâté or vegan

cream cheese. Served with a child’s drink

Beans on toast & small drink                                                     3.95

Small hot special of the day                                                           4.95

Small ice cream                                                                 2.45

Two scoops of vanilla, chocolate or blueberry, or a mixture!

Please note - after 3pm certain food may be unavailable - but you can always ask!


Served from 4 to 8pm Wed - Fri and from 12 to 4pm Tues

Greek Snack Plate                                                                  5.95

Organic stuffed vine leaves, olives, homemade hummus

served with toasted pita,

Sharer for two                                                                                    9.95

Nachos Grande                                                                 6.95

Organic corn chips piled with delicious veggie chilli,

melted cheese (or vegan cream cheese), homemade salsa

and soya yoghurt

Burrito ‘’Casa del Arte’’                                                        5.95

Our homemade veggie chilli wrapped in a flour tortilla,

topped with melted cheese or vegan cream cheese,

salsa and soya yogurt.

Naughty Nachos                                                                3.95  

Organic corn chips, topped with melted cheese or vegan

cream cheese and served with a homemade salsa,

Sharer for two                                                                                 6.45


Homemade hummus & toasted pita                                                3.95  

Fancy a little snack?

Bowl of organic corn chips                                                        2.55  

Bowl of organic olives                                                                2.55


Homemade Cake                                                                     from         2.75

Our cake is created using the finest ingredients  - Fairtrade and

organic where possible - to ensure a unique taste experience.  

Enjoy your cake hot with a scoop of Swedish Glace ice cream                3.95                  


Cookies, flapsjacks and muffins                                          from         1.95

See counter - subject to bakeability!

Cola Float - Curiosity Cola and ice-cream                                         3.65


Ice cream Sundaes                                                                       4.85

3 generous scoops of Swedish Glace ice-cream, layered with

fruit and topped with a generous helping of Malmesbury Syrup

Choose from flavours below:

Shakin’ all over                                                                      3.25

Made with soya ice cream and your choice of dairy or soya

milk. Gluten free, contains soya.

Choose from the flavours below:

Keep Calm and Caramel

Mocha Chocca Latte

Utterly Nuts

Chai Chai Nom Nom

Blueberry of Happiness


Cafetiere of Coffee                                                                         2.25

Mozzo - Our old favourite - medium blend

Italian - Full flavoured, intense & smooth arabica coffee (4)

French - Rich, smooth coffee with a sensuous aroma (3)

Cafetiere of Decaf Coffee                                                             2.25

Organic, fairtrade ‘Swiss Water’ de-caffeinated blend

Cafetiere of Orzo ‘Coffee’                                                             2.25

A naturally caffeine-free hot drink made with barley

Café au Lait                                                                                 2.65

Organic Mozzo coffee served with warm dairy or soya milk

Mocha                                                                                2.85

Mozzo coffee with hot chocolate (contains milk powder)

Hot Chocolate                                                                        2.45

Fairtrade Organic and totally delicious! (Soya option available)

Add caramel, hazelnut or vanilla                   add 50p                                                Add a shot of spicy rum                         add 1.95

Chocolate Chai                                                                 2.95

Hot chocolate with chai flavour                                                

Milky Chai                                                                         2.95

Hot spicy milky Indian tea (soya option)                            

Pot of Builders or Decaf Tea                                                        2.15

Fairtrade, organic and delicious - milk optional

Pot of Herbal Tea                                                                2.15

Please ask for our extensive selection behind the counter

Hot Apple, Lemon and Ginger                                                 2.65

Organic apple, ginger cordial and a slice of fresh lemon - Zingy!

Fruit Juice                                                                         1.95

Choose from organic orange, organic pear or local cloudy apple

Belvoir Sparkling Drinks                                                          2.35

Lemonade, elderflower, cranberry pressé or spicy ginger beer

Fentiman’s Sparkling Drinks                                                        2.45

‘Curiosity Cola’, Rose Lemonade or Dandelion & Burdock (contains 0.5%


Belvoir Organic Cordials                                                          1.55

Ginger, blueberry, or elderflower          

                                                Have it hot!                        1.65

Tropical Smoothie

Organic fruit and juice blended to perfection                                        3.25


Thick and delicious. See ‘Sweet Treats’ for flavours                                3.25


Weston’s Premium Organic Cider                                                3.75

Fully matured in old oak vats to develop its rich smooth character.

Apple or pear                 500 ml                        6.5% vol

Selection of Premium Organic Spirits and mixers

25 ml                37.5% vol                                                    from 3.65

Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager                                                3.85

A full bodied lager, with a crips hoppy taste

550 ml                 5%vol

Samuel Smith’s Organic Ale                                                        3.95

A delicately flavoured fruity golden ale

550 ml                 5%vol

Budels Organic Lager                                                                2.75

Well balanced beer with a crisp taste

330 ml                        5%vol

Specialist Beers and Ales                                                        3.65

Vegan, organic and fairtrade   550 ml

Art House Red Wine

La Marouette - Organic French Merlot   13% vol

Art House White Wine

Boira Pinot Grigio - Organic Italian

125ml glass   3.45                        175ml glass  3.95

250ml glass   4.55                        by the bottle  12.65

Organic wine of the month - please ask for details from 14.65 a bottle.