Ideas for the


by Jarrod Green, with input from lots of wonderful people •

© 2011 • See below for distribution information


• Chalk (big or small)

• Collage w/ Glue Sticks

• Crayons (big or small)

• Dot Markers (aka Chubby Markers)

• Finger Paints

• Markers

• Pencils (colored or regular)

• Resist Painting - oil pastels + water colors

• Stickers

• Tempera Paint

• Watercolors (liquid or solid)

• Wet Chalk (put in cups with a little water in the bottom)


• Fingers

• Natural Materials

        leaves, flowers, branches, feathers

• Paint Brushes

• Rollers

        cover the trough with tin foil and fill it with paint

• Spray Bottles

• Stylus or Dull Pencils

for “drawing” in thick paint

• Q-Tips

        use tempera in little water-color containers

• Tooth Brushes


• Contact Paper

with collage materials

• Easel Paper

• Construction Paper

• Paper Shapes

        geometric shapes

        funny edges

        long skinny pieces

        cut a hole in the middle

        animal shapes

• Picture Frame

        staple a small piece of paper in the middle of a larger one of a different color


• Dark paper with Light Colors

        works best with oil pastels or chalk

• Paint with the Wrong End of the Brushes

        good for Backwards Day or Wacky Wednesday

• Limited Color Palette

        one or two colors of paint - choose bold colors

        black and white paint on colored paper

• Little Things

        many tiny containers of paint, with little brushes or q-tips

• Bells on Brushes

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