Classroom Discipline for Grade 6-8

Subject:  Chinese  Heritage 7

Teacher:  Mrs. Wanda Liang                    

       **   Follow directions

       **   Be prepared -- bring all necessary materials to class

       **   Be a tough worker -- a real doer

       **   Be responsible

       **   Be here -- a listener

                          --  on time

                           --  by not reading other books,

                                playing with things, eating, drawing

Discipline Consequences

         **   First time -- warning

         **   Second time -- 5 minutes working away from the group

         **   Third time -- send to principal

         **   Forth time -- call parents

Grading Plan

1.  Homework  (30%)

       .. Collect H.W. right at beginning of class

       .. After collecting (at beginning) to beginning of next class, H.W. turned in is marked “- 1” by  

          me and then grade earned goes down one level (i.e.  A to B, B to C, etc.)

       ..  If 2 Chinese periods late, grade goes down 2 grades

       ..  After one week late -- F  if not turned in or down wrong

                                              D  if done right

2.   Test/Quiz   (30%)

        .. After each lesson, will have a Quiz

        ..  After every 3 lessons will have an examination

3.    Learning attitude (20%)

         .. Work accurately, works well in groups, is neat and orderly, comes to class prepared,

            completes and turns in work on time, class participation

4.    Behaviour during class  (20%)

         ..  Listens attentive, Follows oral directions,  Accepts responsibility, Shows respect for

             others, Shows respect for authority, Shows self control