For stations other than directional buoys, the calibrated timeseries (df)

files are formatted as follows:

Name: SCRIPPS PIER                                             (start of header)

Station: 07301

Channel description: SINGLE POINT

Deployment latitude: 32 52.000' N

Deployment longitude: 117 15.400' W

Water depth(cm):    680

Sensor elevation from sea floor(cm):    230

Data type: Water column (cm)

Gauge type: Paros pressure sensor

Sample rate(Hz): 1.000

Field software version: tr.exe

Field station type: smart

Method of analysis: CDIP

Paros cal_a0:   998.57040

Paros cal_b0:   519.88590

Paros cal_t0:    25.90442

Radio modem: no

Energy basin processing: no

Surge filter processing: no

Number of records:  4440

Start time: 20020201000514 UTC

End time:   20020201011913 UTC

Sample length(hh:mm:ss): 01:14:00

---------------------------------------------------------------- (end of header)

   483.5   483.5   476.1   467.5   462.7   463.6   462.3   465.3 (start of data)

   479.1   484.8   480.9   473.5   469.2   473.1   479.1   474.8

   462.3   456.7   458.0   465.7   480.0   489.1   483.5   469.2

   459.3   463.1   474.8   485.2   485.6   476.1   462.7   452.3

   454.9   467.9   483.5   482.6   472.2   467.0   472.2   481.7


The Header

The header of the CDIP timeseries file contains three sections.

The first gives basic information about the sensor: the position,

the sample rate, the sensor type, etc.

The second section contains information about the sensor calibration

factors used to convert the "raw" data to timeseries values.

The third section contains the start time, end time, and sample

length of the data.

Note that only the start time is set in the field and

returned with the data; all other entries in this section are calculated

and added by CDIP's processing programs.

Comments can be added as desired at the bottom of the second section. A dashed

line (----------) separates the header from the data; all comments must be

placed above this line.

The Data

Each line of data in the timeseries file contains up to 8 values. The data

values are to be read left to right starting at the top. The first value

corresponds to the start time and the last value corresponds to the

end time.

Note: these data have not passed any CDIP quality control procedures.