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Sanctuary Renovation Rendering


Pastor’s Note:

      We’ve made terrific progress in reaching toward our $1.4 million renovation goal since we began our campaign the first week of Advent. Our most current results are these: pledges of $693,284.00, of which $291,360.55 has already been received. Pledges keep coming in, and last week we received pledges of $2,825.00. Because of this great progress, we’re now proceeding forward with the first stage of our plans, the construction of the new Narthex addition to our church building. Building drawings are now being prepared, and contractors will soon be bidding on the job.  

     Although we’ve made this encouraging progress, we need to keep the momentum going if we’re going to be successful in our campaign. Accordingly, the first week of Lent we began taking up a  second collection for our Renovation Campaign. Some 309 parish families have made the pledge donations totaling $693,284.00. Thanks to all of you. I’d like to encourage the remaining  parish families to make their pledges too. As is the case in all giving to the Church for the greater glory of God, it’s always important what we contribute. It’s much more im-portant if we contribute willingly in whatever amount is consistent with our abilities.  

     In addition to using the second collection as a regular reminder of our ongoing Renovation Campaign to keep its momentum going, I think the second collection is also a good teaching opportunity for our children. As Catholics, we give praise and thanksgiving to our God. Indeed, St. Paul tells us: “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17). Prayer is simply raising our minds and hearts to God. One way that Catholics pray by giving praise and thanks-giving to God is to contribute to His Church for God’s greater glory (Cf. 1 Kgs. 8:10-61). Involving our children in this process is important. We want them to understand that, as part of the community, they have an obligation to provide for its future. Having them put something in the basket each week helps teach them this lesson.

     If you’ve already made your pledge donation to the campaign, thank you very much for your generosity. The second collection may not be for you. But if you have some spare change or a dollar or two in your wallet, you may wish to put them in the second collection basket as an additional offering. Perhaps our weekly second collection will generate relatively modest amounts for our Renovation Campaign. We encourage all of you to partici-pate for every contribution is precious and valuable. No small amount will go unnoticed in the eyes of God. Please be generous and pray for the success of our project. May our Loving God reward each one a hundred-fold.

Thank you very much!


         Rev. Jude C. Vera              Rev. C. Timothy Corcoran, III  


     It is important to know that our parish is running two campaigns at the same time... the Diocesan campaign, Forward in Faith and a parish campaign, St. Mary Renovation Campaign. Every parishioner is being asked to prayerfully consider participating in both campaigns and hopefully offering  their pledges over a 3 to 5 year period.

Please call Parish office if further questions.  Watch bulletins for further information as this project evolves.

    You may mail your pledge payments in to the office or drop in the offertory collection, but please be sure to indicate whether it is for the Capital Campaign or the Church Renovation Campaign.


The Diocese of St. Petersburg needs the help of everyone in our community to move Forward in Faith. Please join us to support our children, priests and parishes as we spread God’s word and share the transformative power of the Eucharist.  --

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Capital Campaigns - Bulletin Insert

Floor Plans


Prayer Card

Reception Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Flyer

St. Mary Renovation Goal: Renovate our Church building and its grounds

 Phase 1:  Build a Narthex

A space to gather before/after Mass

A space to gather before and after funerals, weddings, baptisms, Confirmation, First Communion etc.

Handicap accessible bathrooms

New sacristy and ministry rooms

A covered portico and porch

 Phase 2:  Update and Remodel the church interior and sanctuary

Refinish and repair flooring

Refinish and repair pews and kneelers

Update Sanctuary, allowing access to all.

Update electrical and lighting.

Create a permanent shrine for Mary, our patroness

Establish a new location for Baptismal Font

 Phase 3: Landscaping and fencing

     * Outdoor Stations of the Cross

     * Meditation Gardens

     * Benches

     * Plants and trees

     * Fencing for security

Renovation in Progress:

Parish Center: Safe Environment Updates and Remodeled kitchen