Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D., Denver Seminary

Schaeffer and Apologetics

  1. Discovery of Schaeffer

  1. Gave me back my intellect

  1. Gave me intellectual courage (2 Tim 1:7)

  1. God me interested in everything:  philosophy, theology, culture

  1. The Lordship of Christ

  1. Schaeffer’s Apologetic

  1. Defending orthodoxy biblically and creatively

Not “the new theology” (neo-orthodoxy or old liberalism), God Who is There, Section III

  1. Love and compassion; anecdotes in God Who is There and Escape from Reason

My policy: “last one in the room” in a public lecture

  1. Listening; Duke Ellington, “The first thing I do is listen.”

  1. Cultural apologetic, not just isolated ideas in abstract arguments

  1. Necessarily tied to evangelism and sanctification

  1. Emphasized worldview analysis (verificationism; Gordon Lewis); God Who is There, Section IV.

  1. Internal consistency

  1. Factual adequacy

  1. Existential livability

“Taking the roof off of another worldview”—lovingly

  1. See my development in chapter three of Christian Apologetics