Princess Celestia laughed at the sight of her pupil and her friends all broken, bowing down to her. “That's right, maggots, learn who your queen is! I turned you each against each other! You know how? By manipulating each of your dreams, so that you experience the worst of your imagination! And now that I have the Elements of Harmony, I can take over the universe!”

Suddenly, a large fire truck burst through the wall. “OUTRAGEOUS WALL BREAKAGE, OPTIMUS MAGNUS!” Aquaman shouted as he jumped out of the fire truck, along with Will Smith. The fire truck then turned into Optimus Magnus, the supreme leader of the Autobots following the death of Ultra Magnus.

Holding his hammer as firmly as his voice, Optimus began to spoke. “Your days of tyranny are over, Celestia.”

Princess Celestia laughed. “What? Is that it!? I just insured that I'll be the eternal ruler of everything, and only three beings seek to stop me? It's too little, too late!”

Will Smith took off his sunglasses. “Aw Hell No! Never too late! And trust me, if I was too little, the girls wouldn't want me everynight.”

“Be quiet, you fool! I have the power to control every Sun in the universe!” Princess Celestia replied before Aquaman punched her square in the jaw.

“Yeah, well I control every sea-creature in the universe!” Aquaman shouted.

“Time to end this,” Optimus said as electricity began to build up around his hammer. Feeling the power flow through it, he ran up to Celestia and smashed her with it, knocking her out, allowing for Will Smith to throw handcuffs on her hooves.

“Where you be goin', you'll just be glue.” Will Smith said. “And don't even bother struggling. My man Optimus over there had his engineers made these handcuffs special for just this occasion.”

Twilight and friend stood and stared at their saviors. “What... What's going to happen? Celestia is our ruler, and it is she who brings up the Sun everyday!”

Optimus smiled at them. “Don't worry about that. We got it set up so that both the sun and the moon will rise themselves up every day. We've also did it for all the weather on your planet, and for some other things as well. As for what happens now... Well, we'll present to you three options, and even let you all use one of your own if you don't like any of ours. Aquaman, if you will.”

“I am Aquaman, king of Atlantis! I present to you the idea of monarchy, where one rules. Do not fear though, as we shall insure that if you were to select a new monarch, they would never be a tyrant!”

Will Smith spoke up. “Back in America, we have a thing called Democracy. You all get votes, and get to chose who leads by seeing who gets the most votes.”

Optimus Magnus spoke last. “Lastly, I offer myself as temporary sovereign over your world until you're able to come to a plan. I will do my best to get it so that you'll be able to stand up on your own tw-... four legs. However, you might be forced to fight against an army of cruel warriors, the Decepticons. Now please, decide the fate of your world.”

A few months later, Megatron was wondering how and why his best group of soldiers were defeated by ponies. Ultimately, he settled upon blaming Starscream, despite the fact that he had been dead for a good while now.