VUPS General Meeting Minutes - Mar 30, 2011

Location: Oak Bay Recreation Centre (Lounge)

Executive (all present): Brett Prairie, Kev Bruleigh, Melissa Doyle, Clay Howlett, Mary Shaw, Phil McLean, Mike Barnes

Additional VUPS Members Present: Mike Hofmann, Alyx Gilgunn, Amy Machin, Jeff Pozin, Pat Frisby, James Rogers

Guest Presenter: Leigh Garrod (Westshore Ulti Community)

Start @ 7:03pm | End @ 8:05pm

Agenda and Minutes

  1. Budget/Report Templates (Financial Committee)
  1. VUPS (and sanctioned events) now has a budget. Google doc available upon request (Contact KevB).
  2. report on templates for VUPS events (KevinB)

        Note: Submit request to Treasurer (Barnes) to be shared on Google documents.

  1. Upcoming General Meetings and Key Agenda Items
  1. June Meeting (Thursday, June 16th)
  1. 5-year plan discussion (max. = 35 people, RVSP required.→ REVIEW OF BOARD DRAFT
  1. VUPS Governance and Policy → REVIEW OF BOARD DRAFT
  1. September Meeting (Thursday, September 15th)
  1. Competition and Development → REVIEW OF BOARD DRAFT
  2. VUPS Governance and Policy → MEMBERSHIP VOTE
  3. Summer League (Draft) Report
  4. Split Disc Report
  5. Savage Seven Report
  1. AGM (January 2012)
  1. Tournament Reports (PPull, Split Disc, Kit Klassic etc.)
  2. League Reports (Indoor, Summer)
  3. VUPS Financials
  4. Board Election

  1. Updates from the Board
  1. 5-Year Plan

        Early stage of development. Survey form will go around for input prior to draft development i.e.

membership will be asked to prioritize (rank) the ‘possibles’. There is room for members to                 

provide alternate/additional ideas on development priorities.

        ACTION: Survey form to be prepared and sent out to VUPS Membership

  1. Governance/Policy

        Front half of constitution developed last year. How the board operates is still vague (working off of

old society act) e.g. no codified process of nomination to positions, no official executive model for         

board, term length etc. Currently reviewing governance/policies from other leagues in the country         

(all seem to be different).

  1. Summer League (status and structure/league overview)

        Tuesday single gender (mens/womens). Wednesday co-ed HAT, emphasis on the HAT.

Wednesday at Uplands/Central. Tuesday at Gordon Head. Fees increased. Increase $60 to $100

for one league or $90 to $150 for two leagues. Fees did not increase 2009-2010. Operating costs,

however, increased 300% in the 2010 summer league season (booked 5-9pm instead of 5-7pm;

vendor increased field rental prices; HST kicked in; we booked extra fields). Player fee increase

was in direct response to the increase in operating expenses.

Stay tuned for James Rogers e-mail regarding assistance for Ulti 101 April 20th and 27th at


ACTION: Clay to follow-up with James re: Clinic development

ACTION: Amy (PR) has printed 100+ posters for distribution. HELPERS!?!?!

  1. CUC Bid Update

        Hofmann inquiring with St. Michael’s University and other venues for field access 18+ required).

Bid due in 3 weeks (April 20th due). This is for the 2012 (August 16-17 target) CUC.

Approximately 70 teams. Brett inquiring with School District re: fields.

Additional logistics (transportation, hotel etc.) in progress, pending field acquisition.

  1. PR/Advertising position(s) filled by Amy Machin and Laura Blackman (coordinating with Sponsorship/Hofmann)

        Contact the above people with any information or suggestions that can help make connections

with potential sponsors - anything that can help get VUPS free stuff. These are the go to folks for

all things PR, Advertising and Sponsorship.

        ACTION: Laura/Amy want to know “what is the VUPS message” that they should be promoting?

Start e-mail dialogue with Executive.

  1. Other Business
  1. Westshore Ultimate Pick-up/Social Night

        Leigh Garrod/Phil Mclean proposal. Field rental $13.50/hr FRIDAY SOCIAL NIGHT @ Colwood                 Elementary (just beyond Royal Roads, near the Dairy Queen). Estimate $550 for the season                 (6-8pmish, April 29th until end of August 26th). Can “opt out” (money back) with two weeks notice

for large blocks of time or for a week here or there due to long weekends etc. BCDSS insurance                 coverage. ACTION: Track numbers/attendance as this happens.


  1. GoogleApps (members to receive addresses)

        For free, we can have multiple domain addresses. This will allow for continuity between years

moving         forward/different boards etc. Still need to work out a few logistics (thanks Kev/Brett for

working on this). This builds on the 2011 Executive initiative to put together contact         

lists to facilitate transition of VUPS board (or coordinator and manager) roles to new people.

Switching to has the potential to help with generating contact lists also. Stay tuned!

  1. SPAM on VUPS e-mail lists (James Rogers) vs

        Note: Viruses are getting through the baremetal list (old list). No one can even sign up to the                 baremetal list anymore. The Googlegroups list is moderated by three board members - EVERY                 e-mail is sent through moderators before going out to the masses.

        ACTION: Executive to immediately address administration/moderation of baremetal → look at

getting out of this altogether?

        ACTION: Barnes to look into cost of baremetal hosting.

  1. Take group photo

Motion to Adjorn @ 8:05pm (Kevin Bruleigh)

Seconded Brett Prairie.