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A workshop is an assignment with a peer assessment component. A typical workshop is a long-term activity and can take up to several days or even weeks to complete. The workshop work flow is divided into five phases. You will manually move the workshop from phase to phase when you are ready to move on.

There are many options in creating a workshop.  If you have any questions about the workshop please contact the ITRC for additional assistance.

This guide will help you to:

You will want to see the additional workshop guides for more information about each phase

The Five Workshop Phases

  1. Setup Phase: You will use this phase to create the workshop, determine the grading strategy, set up the assessment forms and provide examples for practice assessment.

  1. Submission Planner: Students will submit their work during this phase.  You can set a specific submission window of time to allow submissions.  Please note that once the instructor has moved to the Assessment Phase, no other submissions can be accepted.

  1. Assessment Phase: This is where peers assess the submissions allocated to them for review.  You can set a specific window of time for the peer assessments.

  1. Grading Evaluation Phase: You will use this phase to review all the peer assessments, override grades as appropriate, and indicate submissions that will be published in the Closed Phase.

  1. Closed Phase: When you move to the closed phase, the grades are calculated and pushed to the gradebook.  Students can view their submissions, the assessments for their submission, and any published submissions.

Moving to the Next Phase

Once you have created a workshop, clicking on the workshop will take you to a Workshop Planner where you will manually control the progress through the workshop.  Only instructors have access to the Workshop Planner .

On the Workshop Planner you will see the five phases, one in each column.  Under each phase is a list of tasks that must be completed before the workshop can continue to the next phase. Items that have been completed are displayed with a check mark next to them. Items that still need to be completed are displayed with a blank box next to them. You can click on the name of the task in order to complete the necessary information.

The current phase will be highlighted and the other phases grayed out.  While you can move to the next phase without completing the tasks in the current phase, you will encounter problems.  Please complete all the tasks in the current phase before moving to the next phase.

To move to the next phase you will Click on the light bulb above the next phase.

To begin setting up your workshop please see Workshop: The Setup Phase

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