9/8/11—West Jordan, Utah—Cindy C Bennett, author, mother, and business owner, announces the release of her newest book, Geek Girl, to be released on December 8, 2011, and on pre-sale now at

Ever had a bet go wrong . . . in a good way?

“I wanted to turn the traditional bet-making story on its side,” says Cindy C Bennett, author of Heart on a Chain, of her new novel. The story starts with high schooler Jen whose life of rebelling and sneaking out is growing stale. In an effort to combat her boredom, Jen makes a bet to turn Trevor, a nice geek, into a “bad boy.”

“Neither character is popular in school. Jen is a sarcastic Goth girl; Trevor is a straight-A nerd. Jen’s bored with her life and does it for fun. What she doesn’t count on is how much she begins to genuinely like and respect Trevor.” As the story continues, Jen is unexpectedly pulled into Trevor’s world of sci-fi movies, charity work, and even--ugh!--bowling. She discovers that hanging out with Trevor isn't so bad after all. But when Trevor finds out about the wager, all bets are off.

Bennett’s novel also deals with Jen’s violent past with her birth parents, being raised in foster homes, and her fearful hope that she might actually have the chance to become part of what she refers to as a “real” family.

When Jen’s foster parent’s offer to adopt her, it throws her into a vortex of confusion. “Jen’s experience has taught her that most people expect something in return when they offer something,” says Bennett. “She’s afraid of ‘that raw wound called hope’. She tries to figure out their ulterior motive, but, as she says, ‘. . . maybe there isn’t another motive; maybe they really like me enough to just want me as part of their family as they said’.”

Praise for Geek Girl:

“. . . each page is deliciously satisfying and little bit heart wrenching. Bennett . . . knows how to write a story about ‘real life’ without laying on the gory details.” Books4Betty, Night Owl Reviews

“I stand up and applaud Ms. Bennett for creating such well-rounded and multi-faceted characters.” Shannon L Yarbrough, author Are You Sitting Down?

“Cindy Bennett has a wonderful ear for dialogue and detail. I have been a teacher for nearly twenty years and I have seen the types of relationships presented in this book.” James DeSalvo, teacher, actor, author Miss Mary Pennynickle’s Tales of Torment for Toddlers

“Geek Girl does have some thoughtful messages, mostly a ‘discover who you are and then love yourself’ and ‘don't be afraid to change, but change for yourself and not for someone else’ message.” Sunny Books

Visit to purchase a copy and learn more about this “totally appropriate, inspiring, realistic and relatable” book.


About Cindy C Bennett

Cindy C Bennett is a Utah native. Married to her high school sweetheart for 25 years, she is the mother of 4. She’s been co-owner of a cabinet manufacturing business for 16 years, and volunteers with teen girls between the ages of 12 and 18—ironically, or perhaps fatefully, the age of her target audience.  Geek Girl is currently up for review or download on If you are interested in interviewing Cindy or in receiving a copy of Geek Girl for review, please contact Cindy or Laura at the information below.


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