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Austin Speech, Sunday May 6th, 2012

2pm CST

AP report on Fort Worth TV website-this was before the speech

Another Texas TV station-Same AP story, the word IS spreading

Reporting from Previous Speeches Below

News on San Diego Speech

Video: 13 min. Clip of Paul in San Diego

Video: Channel 6 (San Diego)

Union Tribune Article after speech

Channel 10 (San Diego) report prior to speech

Union Tribune Article

Thursday May 3, 2012-UC Davis Speech-7pm

News on Davis Speech

Davis Pics Will Be at this Page

Video: Channel 40 (loads slow) Very Good Coverage Here

Video: Channel 13 (also does Channel 31 ) On Davis Speech

Video: Channel 3-Their Second Story of the day 

Video:Channel 3 Interview with Paul at Luncheon

Video: This Streamed Live; shot on handheld, close to stage


Sacramento Bee (big daily)

Daily Democrat (in Woodland, same county as Davis)

1st Daily Democrat article earlier today

Wednesday May 2nd-Ron Paul Speech Cal State Fullerton-7pm PST

Speech was at Titan Stadium on campus- Capacity: 10,000 people

Updates below-Pics and News Reports from Fullerton Speech

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Pics from Fullerton in THIS SLIDESHOW-Click HERE

Video: Full Speech from Daily Paul user AnCapMercenary

Great 13 minute Video of the Fullerton Speech-Watch This One!

Video by cell phone (was live streamed) by Daily Paul user Joey33

Daily Paul User Took Video of Crowd (just several minutes here)

Campus Newspaper with Video and Article

Print Media Below

Good Example of a Useful Flier from Fullerton Event-Read This

Register: It’s the Largest Political Rally in County for the Year!

Another Break Thru Article from The State reports ‘Massive Crowd’

OC Weekly: a mostly fond look at Paul and His Supporters

Radio: Ron Paul on KNBC by Daily Paul user ALLRonPaul

Radio: Ron Paul on KNX before speech by Daily Paul user jahall3824

Article: OC Weekly-at least they are staying up on the venue change