Revised 1 October 2016

                        “Memento Vivere”

                      Photo by David Lena 8-27-08

Age Groups:  U10, U12, U14

        Players participating in the Extra division are ineligible to compete.

Equipment and Field:


Duration and Time keeping: Two eight (8) minute halves with running clock; no break at halftime. Referee is the sole manager of the clock and starts and ends games accordingly (unless a tournament director directs the referee to end the game).  Players are advised to play to the whistle, not the horn.  Game clock should begin IMMEDIATELY following the blowing of horn and should end as soon as possible following the sounding of horn 16 minutes later (or 8 minutes later for half-time).  Referees MUST end play (for half and final) as soon as possible after the horn unless there was some extraordinary reason (such as the referee was not present at the required start time) that the game did not start on time.





Procedures for Overtime Kicks from the Penalty Mark

winner if that team has scored in its pair but the other team has not

violates Law 14 and a goal is not scored, the kick must be retaken

a different eligible player


player is not counted as having taken a kick

Coaches and Team Managers - VERY IMPORTANT

  1. Coaches or Managers must check-in at the Tournament Check-In Booth 30 minutes before the start of their game.  They must pay their team's $50 minimum donation/registration fee (checks only - payable to SM AYSO Region 20); otherwise they will be excluded from the tournament and the fee forfeited.  Players do NOT need to be present for this check-in.  
  2. After the first game, coaches must pick up game cards 30 minutes before their play from the Tournament Director
  3. Immediately after each game, COACHES or MANAGERS (not referees) must have the referee mark the score and sign the card; coaches then return the card to the Tournament Director so that the results can be posted
  4. Teams must report to the assigned field 10 minutes prior to game time;
  5. Teams playing in the finals take down the goal posts & tournament booths and clean the field prior to receiving medals.  (this needs to happen this year!)

No protests, whining or crybabies

The Tournament Directors’ say is final!

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