The October 9 ,2010 GLSA board meeting was held at Southside Town

Hall. The following were present: Joe Lepley , Peggy Jo Fortner,, Jan

Evenson ,Jerry Doffing ,Lisa Peery , Jerry Doffing ,Pat Biethon, Gary

Odegard,Harry Wahlquist,CarlSwanson ,Curt Conrad ,Carole Gertgen ,Mike

McNellis ,Jerry Dock and Tom Plihal.

Excused absence: Lisa Peery,Pat Beithon

Absent : Kent Davidson

John Swanson,Phyllis LaTour and Nancy Pattee Hector were also in attendance.

The meeting was opened at 9:05 a.m. by Joe Lepley, President. The

minutes for the September 11,2010 meeting were reviewed by the board .

Peggy Jo Fortner moved and Jerry Dock seconded to approve the minutes

.Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s report dated 10/9/2010 (attached) was reviewed .Carole

moved and Carl seconded a motion to approve the report.Motion carried.

Membership report- 400 members as of July2010 .

Tax filing-Gary will do the majority .Te board recommends that Gary get

additional tax help if needed.If our annual income is less than $25,000 a full

990 form is not necessary.

2011 Budget requests and committee reports:

CLP funding for 2011: $750 for cost of Aquathol .2011 permit needed to treat

frontage of 14 properties at $35 each. Other cost will be motor gas.

Total of $ 1,500

Millfoil funding for 2011: Proposed costs of $1,000 FOR Navigate weed

killer, a 3 year permit and motor gas.

Motion made by Gary and seconded by Curt to budget $ 2,500 for the

above for 2011. Motion carried

Public landing signage funding for 2011: Curt moved and Peggy Jo

seconded a motion to budget $500 for a series of bright colored signs

concerning the exotic concerns. Motion carried.

Membership :Nancy Hector is preparing a "welcome packet" for new property owners

Bulk postage permit: GLSA Newsletter postage will go up from $0.17 to $0.25.

Postage permit cost is $180 annual.

Water Quality testing. Jerry Dock and Dick Anderson are doing the

testing and are looking for 2 people to take over this project.

Sentence to Service. A weekday cleanout of the culvert and 200feet of

the culvert from Lake Francis and to Lake Moses will be done this

fall. John

Swanson asked for 1 member to help with this project.

New business: Jan Evenson has movd off the lake. The board thanks Jan

and applauded her for her role as Social service chair. Carole will be

the new Social chair .

Volunteer travel and meal cost for GLSA business out of the area- like

Mpls or Brainerd. Peggy moved and Tom seconded the motion to-

Add to bylaws: Reimbursement of $0.50/mile(federal guidelines) and

cost of 1 meal will be allowed for GLSA business travel out of the

area with advance approval of the Executive Board. The motion carried.

Steve Enger called to alert us of a national EPA meeting in Shoreview

on October 19 concerning a 5 year variance fee(permit) for discharge

of pollutants in waters. Carl will attend.

We will attempt of target volunteer interest to help with defined GLSA

project. A notice will appear in the Spring newsletter.

Next meeting in April 2011. The Executive Board may act on necessary

business over the winter months.

Tom moved and Gary seconded motion to adjourn meeting .

The meeting adjourned at 10:10 am

Tom Plihal

GLSA secretary