Makatiel, Habbalite Demon Prince of Disease

The world is hideous and diseased, and its people are no better.

Not much (interesting) is known about Makatiel’s past before he joined the ranks of Hell’s nobility; he was a Servitor of Beelzebub, the saner Demon Prince of Corruption, and Lucifer is said to have elevated him to Princehood only because he feared Beelzebub was growing too powerful. If true, this backfired in the long run; the other thing that’s well known about Makatiel is how he hated humanity so much that rather than obey Baal’s orders he went Renegade, taking many of his troops with him, and tried to wipe it out with the Black Death. It is speculated, though - largely by the Balseraphs who once served Disease - that but for the word-friction Legion suffered from Makatiel, he might not have been destroyable.


It is dissonant for a servitor of Disease to treat anyone for harm caused by disease, or through inaction to allow them to be treated if they could reasonably prevent it. Unfortunately, Makatiel’s interpretation of “reasonably” does include “damages or destroys your Role without physically harming you”, so a lot of demons of Makatiel just don’t bother to build the symphonic influence behind Roles, it’s easier that way.


Balseraphs (restricted)
These liars make the best quacks in the business. They have the ability to make “miracle cures” out of just about anything. More usefully, if they use their resonance to convince a diseased human or vessel that this “cure” will, er, cure them, and the person actually takes the “cure”, they will appear healthy and immune to all other diseases for the resonance’s check digit, plus the demon’s Corporeal Forces, in days. Of course, the cure is a lie; they will still carry the disease, and it will begin ravaging them where it left off after the resonance duration runs out - along with any diseases they picked up in the meantime.

Djinn (restricted)

Djinn of Disease may attune themselves to a sample of a disease. If they then infect any living thing with it, they will become attuned to every human, animal, and indeed plant and Vessel who catches the disease from the original victim or someone else who caught it from him, to a number of degrees of separation equal to the Djinn’s total Forces. None of these infected will count towards the Djinn’s maximum number of attunements. Djinn of Disease gain no dissonance from their attuned being harmed or killed by disease, even if they were directly responsible for inflicting the disease.

Calabim (restricted)

Calabim of Disease can make their resonance act like a disease, slowly destroying the victim rather than simply ripping them apart. If they choose to do this, and the victim fails to resist the resonance, they will take one Body hit every 10 minutes, ignoring all protection, until the resonance has caused them damage equal to the check digit plus the demon’s Corporeal Forces. Worse, they will not realise they have been harmed (and will not fall unconscious) until and unless they are killed outright, although a medical examination will reveal their flesh seems to have necrotised. Worst of all, until they stop taking damage they can transmit this pseudo-disease with a touch, causing the new victim to take the same amount of damage over the same time period.

Fortunately, the new victim may roll Strength to resist, as if the Calabite himself had resonated against him. Even more fortunately, further uses of this attunement from any Calabite of Disease will have no effect whatsoever on someone currently under its effects, although this does not risk dissonance in the Calabite ignorant enough to try it. (Calabim of Disease are comedy gold when you need a town wiped out.)


Makatiel’s own Band can, in his service, use any of the Songs of Pestilence they know without Essence expenditure, and can target any being within their Will in feet rather than having to touch the target. However, they cause the usual amount of disturbance from the Essence they would have expended.

Lilim (restricted)

Having earned a Geas-hook from someone, Lilim of Disease can use it to inflict a disease on the holder instead of using it to invoke a Geas. As a guideline, this works like the Corporeal Song of Pestilence with a skill level equal to the level of the Geas. Victims get a Strength roll instead of a Will roll to resist such a distorted “geas”, again at a penalty equal to the geas level.

Shedim (restricted)

Instead of corrupting victims in the usual sense, Shedim of Disease can turn them into disease carriers, as if using the Ethereal Song of Pestilence on them. The first time they do this with a given host, whatever disease they choose must infect one other person to satisfy their need for corruption; after that, to prevent dissonance, every day the Shedite must either infect more people than he did the previous day, or infect at least one person with a stronger disease than he did the previous day, or stop using this attunement and corrupt the person the old-fashioned way.

Impudites (partially restricted)

Only those Impudites created by Makatiel himself were able to reconcile their maker’s utter hatred of humanity with their Band nature. They are each carriers of a specific disease, chosen when they gain this attunement, and may make a Will roll (at a penalty equal to the severity of the disease according to the Song of Pestilence skill level table) to infect anyone they touch; the victim may resist with a Strength roll, at a penalty equal to the check digit, but success only saves them from that particular attempt to infect them. Regardless of success or failure, this attunement cannot be used again for the roll’s check digit in minutes (or a hell of a lot longer, if the poor sod rolled a 111!).

Any Impudite of Disease - and in fact, any Demon of Disease, regardless of Band - may purchase this attunement more than once, choosing a different disease each time. None of them work if any of them was used a number of minutes ago equal to the roll’s check digit.

The “partially restricted” comes in because Impudites of Disease also gain no dissonance for letting humans die of disease, or for killing humans as part of Makatiel’s Rites. Although technically, other Bands don’t anyway.


Black Death

This attunement, unsurprisingly, allows the user, once, to create an unfairly virulent strain of a fatal or permanently debilitating disease. It will at the very least be communicable by insect bites, and depending on GM discretion, possibly by contact or even by sneezing. What it was first called is forgotten; it is now named after the disease that resulted when Makatiel himself used his own copy of it.

In a historical game Servitors may only own one copy of Black Death at a time; they must use it before they can receive another. However, Makatiel will usually replace it if you had it and used it, unless you used it so badly as to prove you are no longer worthy to possess it...

(GM’s note: It is assumed that this attunement is only worth 10 points if you assume that Makatiel will replace it every single time you use it. Seriously, I wouldn’t even charge 1 point if you have to pay for it in full every time.)

Necrotising Bacteria

For the sum of at least 1 Essence and a Will roll, the demon with this attunement may vomit up a large amount of necrotising bacteria, rapidly decomposing anything it touches. They cannot do anything else in the turn they do this, if they use it in combat. If it succeeds, it reduces the Strength and Agility of any target touched by the check digit plus the Essence spent, and inflicts Body hits equal to twice that total. Assuming no supernatural healing the victim regains 1 point of either Strength or Agility per full day’s rest. Whatever happens, the attunement cannot be used again for a number of hours equal to the check digit... and on a failure with a check digit of 6, the attack completely backfires, hurting the demon as if he had passed with a check of 6 against himself!


* Infect a human with a disease they do not currently carry or suffer from (+2 if done without using the Song of Pestilence, +3 if done without using any supernatural abilities whatsoever).

* Kill a medical worker of any kind who is genuinely trying to help victims of disease (even if it’s just because that’s their job, and even if they’re failing miserably...)

* Discover or invent a disease never before seen in Hell or human society (+3 Essence)


Knight of Lepers

The demon can look into a person’s eyes and tell what symptoms they have suffered from disease throughout their lifetime, and which diseases are still active.

Captain of Plagues

When the demon uses the Ethereal or Celestial Song of Pestilence to make an object (not a person) a disease carrier, the Song’s effects last until the object is somehow sterilised (naturally or otherwise), rather than lasting for CD days. Use the check digit anyway to determine the degree of disturbance.

Baron of the Unclean

Having successfully (or unsuccessfully) used Necrotising Bacteria, the demon needs to wait CD rounds, rather than CD hours, to reuse it... and in the event of a backfire (but not if someone else uses Necrotising Bacteria to attack them) they recover all Strength and Agility lost from the backfire after just one day of rest. (Though, any heavenly tactics manual from the time will scream “DON’T LEAVE THEM ALIVE THAT LONG” in big red shiny letters.)


No Demon Prince professes to have ever liked or been liked by this psychotic loose cannon. Not even Saminga, which is really strange given the reality of how it once was. The following relations assume a historical campaign before Makatiel went off the rails; as soon as he went Renegade, everyone turned against him.

Allied: Mariel, Saminga (Saminga was allied to Makatiel)

Associated: Andrealphus, Belial, Genubath (Belial, Genubath, and Mariel were associated with Makatiel)

Hostile: Beleth, Meserach, Valefor (Andrealphus, Asmodeus, Beleth, and Haagenti were hostile to Makatiel. Meserach couldn’t be bothered to reciprocate.)

Enemy: Asmodeus, Kobal (Kobal was Makatiel’s enemy.)


+1 An open sewer

+2 A person dead or debilitated because of disease

+3 A settlement entirely without sanitation, containing at least 50 people (Makatiel was surprisingly easy to Summon back in the day...)

+4 A hospital entirely without sanitation, containing at least 20 diseased patients

+5 At least 100 people dead or debilitated because of disease

+6 A settlement of at least 100 people which has been completely depopulated, primarily by the spread of disease. And I mean real disease, not Makatiel’s Calabite attunement.