Modifying Course Menu Style

Modifying Course Menu Style

The Course Menu appears on the left side of your course window. It is the cornerstone for the organization and navigation of your course. You create links on the Course Menu to present tools and materials to your students. You can customize its appearance and order

the link.

  1. In order to change the appearance of the course menu, in the Control Panel, expand the Customization area and click Teaching Style.

  1. Scroll to the third section of the page titled Select Menu Style. There are two basic styles from which to choose: Text and Buttons. Toggle between the two styles to preview appearance settings for each style.

Text Style

Button Style

  1. Depending on the style chosen, you will have different options with the Style section to customize.

  • For Text style, background and text color are customizable.

  • For Button style, color, shape, and texture pattern options are plentiful.

  1. Users can also opt for a branching, expandable course menu. To engage the branching menu style, select Folder View in the Course Menu Display section. A new screen will pop-up showing the Folder View on the menu.

  1. Leave Permit Both Views selected to allow students to switch views according to their preference.

  1. Click Submit to save the course menu style changes.

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