• The Unsung Heroes awards are for volunteers, not paid staff, who serve the neighborhoods within the Delridge District - located between the boundaries of Spokane Street to the north, Roxbury to the south, 35th Avenue to the west and the Duwamish River to the east). Organizations and persons who reside outside of the district, but who serve within those boundaries, are eligible.

• Also, individuals who do not work directly with an organization are eligible. For example, if a neighbor has been fixing up old bicycles and giving them away to neighborhood kids, they may be nominated.

• We will recognize eight individuals for their work, one of them will be selected as the Outstanding Unsung Hero for 2012. This person will then be nominated for the Jefferson Awards in 2013, a national “Nobel Prize” for public service. All eight finalists will be invited to attend the Unsung Heroes Banquet on April 20th.

• Selections will be made based on the application submitted. Clarifications can be made if additional documents are required, but the committee members cannot add additional information that was not originally included to be the basis for selection.

• Based on the information submitted, finalists will be selected by the depth or breadth of their contributions, the length or intensity of their work, the significance of their contributions and other aspects of their work that sets them above the other nominees.

• Multiple nominations for the same person will be considered an indicator for selection, but not the sole reason for selection. If an individual receives multiple nominations, information from all submissions will be considered to provide the fullest description of the nominee.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by March 23rd, 2012. Notifications and invitations to the Unsung Heroes Banquet will be sent by March 30th, 2012. Submissions can be made by mail to: Delridge District Unsung Heroes Committee, 7939 7th. Ave. S.W., Seattle 98106 or via email to


Nominator Name (person submitting application):___________________________ Do you prefer to remain anonymous? Please circle: Y/N

What is your affiliation with the Nominee? _________________________________

Nominator Contact Information Phone:______________________________ Email:____________________________ Mailing Address:________________________________________________________

Nominee Contact Information

Nominee Name:_________________________________________________________

Phone:______________________________ Email:____________________________ Mailing Address:_________________________________________________________

Nominee Service Position:________________________________________________

Please describe how the Nominee serves the Delridge neighborhood/project/ organization in 300 words or less. This is the major selection criteria from the application.

What makes the nominee stand out? Can you provide details or an example of the nominee’s efforts and work? How has the nominee’s service affected the project/community?

Please provide any additional references available about the nominee’s service: for example, local press coverage, written recognition, photographs or other documentation. This is not required, but it is helpful to the selection process.