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Moodle ISU Overview Moodle ISU


This document will give you a brief overview of Moodle ISU. It will help you to locate information in the Moodle environment and to understand the functions inside of Moodle that you will see frequently.

This guide will help you to understand:

Page Layout

Breadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs are located at the top of the Moodle ISU page. Breadcrumbs are a short list or a trail tracking and displaying each page viewed away from the Dashboard. You can click on links in the breadcrumbs to return to previous pages.

Course Homepage - The course homepage consists of two main parts. A week/topic outline area where you can create links to content and activities occupies of the majority of the screen.  

Blocks - The second part is comprised of blocks along the right side of the homepage. Blocks can be added/removed and hidden in the course depending on your needs. More information can be found in Blocks in Moodle ISU

Editing the Page

As you develop your online course you will make a lot of changes to your course homepage. This section will show you how to turn editing on/off and how to add/move/delete activities and resources.

Turn Editing On/Off

  1. In the top right corner of the course homepage, Click Turn editing on/off.


Note: Clicking Turn editing on will enable editing and the button and option will change to say Turn editing off. Click Turn editing off  to disable editing.

Adding an Activity/Resource to Your Course

  1. Turn editing on. For more instructions, refer to the Edit the Page section above.
  2. Select the week/topic that you wish to add the activity or resource to your course.
  3. In the selected week, Click Add an activity or resource.


Note: For more information on setting up an activity, see Add an Activity to Your Course, for more information on setting up a resource, see Add a Resource

Moving an Activity/Resource

  1. Turn editing on. For more instructions, refer to the Edit the Page section above.
  2. Locate the activity or resource that you wish to move.
  3. Click the Move icon next to the activity.
  4. Holding the button down, Drag the selected item to where you want it to be.


Duplicating an Activity/Resource

  1. Turn editing on. For more instructions, refer to the Editing the Page section above.
  2. Select the activity that you wish to duplicate.
  3. From the Edit dropdown menu, Select Duplicate.


Note: A copy of the activity or assignment will appear directly below the original.

Frequently Used Icons

- Move -  Use this icon to drag and drop the activity to another place on the page.

- Move right - When you click on this icon the title of the activity will be indented slightly to the right. After you have moved an activity to the right you can move it back again by clicking the left arrow that will appear.

- Configuration/Update/Edit - You can use this icon to modify the block, activity or resource selected.

- Duplicate - This will allow you to make a copy of the activity/resource for the same week.

- Delete - When you click on this icon the activity/resource or block will be permanently deleted from your course.

-Hide - To reopen an activity, simply click on the closed eye. The eyeball with the line through it means that the students cannot see the activity/resource.

- Show - By clicking on the open eye it will hide the activity/resource on the page from the students. An open eye also means that the students can see the activity/resource.

- No groups - This icon indicates that there are no groups created for a particular activity.

- Visible Groups - This icon means that there are assigned groups for an activity.


- Assign roles - By assigning a role to a user in a context, you are granting them the permissions contained in that role, for the current context and all lower contexts. For example, if a user is assigned the role of student in a course, they will also have the role of student for all activities and blocks within the course. For more information, see 
Assigning Roles

- Activity Completion: Students can manually mark this as complete - If during the setup of the activity you have elected to allow students to mark the activity as complete, then you will see this checkmark next to the activity.

- Help - If at any time you need help, look for this icon. When you click it you will see a basic description of the function.

- The triangle - Click on the triangle when it is pointed to the right to open up dropdown menus to access more options. Click on the triangle when it is pointed down to close the additional options.


show .png

- Show more/Show less button - Click this button to make the advanced
                                   options available for use when setting up activities.


 -  Expand all - This option allows you to show or hide sections you are working on by clicking on the triangle icon when you add an activity or resource to your screen. When you expand all, this will let you see every option as you scroll down

-  Collapse all - This option will hide sections you are working on, you can close/collapse sections up by clicking on the triangle..

- Editing Titles - The pencil icon allows you to edit inline the title of the resource / activity


- Turn editing on/off - This button will be located at the top right hand corner of your course homepage. You can use this button to turn your editing on/off.

- Dropdown menus - To use the dropdown menus, click on the wording or use the arrow located on the right in this picture.

For more information, see Course Homepage

For additional information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu

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