To assist with marshalling, numbers will be issued as follows:

        Eights & Fours – Three numbers. One for cox and two for bow. Bow to wear one on race kit, and the other on whatever is to be worn to go to the start.

        Small Boats – Two numbers. One on race kit, and the other on whatever is to be worn to go to the start.


2) Race Regulations

START - The race will start from the upstream side of the A14 road bridge. Please ensure that you pass the finish AT LEAST 20 MINUTES before your division is due to start, to allow adequate time to reach the start and be marshalled to your starting position before the division start time.

Any crew not passing the finish 20 minutes prior to the start time will be turned back.

Any crew arriving late (after the division start time) at the start will be  awarded a time penalty.

A red flag will be displayed on the Green Dragon Bridge once the 20-minute deadline has passed, to indicate that the Division is closed.

All competitors must proceed directly to the start, and not spin to practice upstream. Any crew doing so will be awarded a time penalty. Competitors and coaches are reminded of the need for courtesy to other river users, including walkers and anglers.

o       Boats are to marshall past the start with odd numbered boats on towpath side.

o       Depending on the fullness of divisions and weather conditions, the top few crews in each division may be required to marshall upstream of the A14 bridge; marshalls will advise.

o       Please follow marshall commands on spinning ready for racing.


        Crews failing to pull over or follow instructions from the start marshals, spinning before being asked to do so or ignorant of the above instructions, thereby contributing to a division delay, are liable to a time penalty.


Overtaking – Slower crews should cede the racing line. Coxes are expected to be aware of the boats around them. Any crew impeding another during an overtaking manoeuvre will be awarded a time penalty. Claims of impedance must be reported to the finish immediately after the division. Safety is the highest priority at all times and, if necessary, crews must sacrifice their best line if safety requires it.


Finish - All crews must keep rowing after the finish, until they have passed under the Green Dragon Bridge, to prevent the river becoming blocked for following crews. Once back at the boathouse crews doubling up in adjacent divisions are asked not to leave their boats in the water as it blocks the bank for other crews wishing to boat.

3) Results  The results will be available from Race Control at Queens College Boathouse as soon as possible after the race, they will also be available online at:

Prize giving will be as soon after 4pm as possible at Race Control, and will include presentation of the Head of the Cam shield to the fastest men’s and women’s crews.