SDDL Tabulating Tool (STT)

Google Apps Implementation

Source Code and Change Log

To run STT, copy the source code from the most recent version number below (click on version number) and paste the source code into a Google Docs Spreadsheet Script Editor. To open the Google Docs Script Editor, select Tools / Scripts / Script Editor. Save the source code as STT.

Sometimes Google Docs copy and paste doesn't work. If you're having problems, try clearing the web clipboard in Google Docs and then try again.

To tabulate SDDL, first select a block of SDDL in the Google Docs spreadsheet where you pasted the STT script. Open the Script Editor (if not already open) and select Run / STT (or press the black triangle when STT shows on the function bar). The tabulation will appear by default in a separate sheet named "tabulated".

Here’s detailed documentation for SDDL / STT.

The version below should be considered beta code at best.  Bug fixes, code improvements, and capability enhancements welcomed.  Please share them with me, Douglas Galbi, at purplemotes at  Contributions will be incorporated into the next version if appropriate.

version 1.01:  

version 1.00