Special Topics in Social Sciences:  Leadership and Social Change

Fall, 2012

Instructor:                Anne Morse

Prerequisites:        none

Texts:                        TBA (I am currently revising the reading list)

Credits:        2        

Format:         The class will include lectures, discussions, interactive activities, student book reports, student led workshops, and an extensive reading list.

Objectives:         The course objectives are to provide a broad and critical understanding of the nature of the society we live in; an overview of the different ways ordinary people may effect change; theories and perspectives to inform efforts toward social change; and opportunities to examine the relationship of one’s personal life, values, and actions to social change.

Evaluation:          Book Report: 25%

        Community Awareness Workshop:  30%

        Infomercial:  10%

        Journal:  10%

        Activist Interview:  15%


 Course Content:        Topics will include examples of social change instigated by ordinary people; the role of privilege, oppression and resistance in shaping society as well as specific forms and combinations of oppression; nonviolence as a means of achieving social change; paradigms of justice; and leadership in the context of social change.  The topics addressed in the course will be modified based on the interests that the students bring to the class.