Health and Physical Education Mini Conference

@ SUNY-Cortland

Friday, October 8, 2010

8:00 am-2:00pm

Keynote Address:  What is the Key to Happiness?:  How to Be Resilient When Life Takes Over 

This presentation was very well received at last year’s NYS-AHPERD conference and has big implications for both Health and Physical Educators

Dr. Chris Xaver

Two Special Offerings for Directors of Physical Education

1. Roundtable Presentation: APPR and Your Curriculum: Are You Going to Be Ready? What Do I Need to DO?

S. Daggett

2. Workshop: The Four Most Important Documents in Physical Education

J. Foley, J. Murphy, C. Graczyk


Introduction to Coaching Special Olympics





Chris Xavier

Finding What You Love and Doing It

PE and Health Professionals/ Students

This a breakout session & workshop led by our keynote speaker

S. Yang

Instant Feedback in Group-based Exergaming: iDANCE ExerGame Expo & Workshop


Come and play iDANCE, the best group-based exergaming solution for schools and fitness clubs and learn how to technology can help teachers and students lead a healthy lifestyle.

M. English

W. Brownell

Disk Golf in Your PE Curriculum

Middle / Secondary PE

This is the real thing. See what the official version of Frisbee Golf looks like- try too

G. Babjack

Developing an Effective Strength & Conditioning Program for Your Athletic Team

Fitness/Wellness & Coaching

Most coaches use antiquated conditioning programs and wonder why the results are minimal….Find out how to maximize your gains w/ sport specific conditioning

B. Bromka

Teaching Salsa Dance in PE

Secondary PE

This workshop has been a hit at other conferences! More than dance- also ideas to teach cultural diversity

G. Babjack

Kidnastics: A Refresher on a Model That Works in Schools

Elem. PE

If “Kidnastics” is a new term or an old one- get a refresher on this easy to use model that makes gymnastics teaching much easier

K. Taylor

Leadership : The Power to Empower

Secondary/Coaching philosophy

What’s does your coaching philosophy include??? How can you nurture leadership in your athletes at the high school level or beyond?

Project LEAPE : L. Herman, A. Houghtaling, A. Marks

Sled Hockey

Adapted PE

This one meets in the ice arena. Learn about a great adaptation of ice hockey. Bring your jacket and have some fun!

S. Malmberg

Theme Days for Elementary PE

Elementary PE

Halloween?, Thanksgiving?, Olympics? Get a bundle of ideas about making special themed days in your curriculum

L. Kapakpchiev

Fencing in School PE Program

              (TWO SESSIONS)

Middle & Secondary PE

Yes, you can teach fencing. Find out how to use plastic replicas to teach real fencing skills in school

N. Kane

Turning Sports Skills into Hip Hop

Secondary PE

This workshop is just what you have been looking for! Make your dance offerings more relevant- morphing sports into hip-hop.

L. Keeney

Modified Australian Games

Middle/Secondary PE

Australia is a great sporting country. See some of their games modified for use in PE settings!

B. Wehinger

Polar Electro

Integrating Polar Technology into Your Physical Education Program

              (TWO SESSIONS)

Secondary PE

See Polar’s newest stuff! Trifit & Pocket Trifit (fitness data collection), PE Manager & Pocket PE Manager (grading, rubrics, and class management), E600 Heart Rate Monitor with PDA download capability

W. Cooper

Healthy Highway

Elem/MS PE

A K-5 nutrition and exercise program- learn new ways to incorporate nutrition concepts into PE classes

M. Ferro

Bringing Roller Skating Instruction to Your School

Middle / Elem PE

Learn about program offerings for roller skating instruction by the folks from Reva Rollerdome. Be the one to bring roller skating to your district!!!!

L. Burghardt

Aerobic Drumming

Elem/middle/sec PE

Ever see the show “Stomp!” ???…this is similar application to the PE setting. Check it out.

Whitney Point Staff

Heart Partnering: How We Made Badminton into a Community Event


Directors of PE

What a great story- you can do it too! Find out how physical education can expand into the community. Implications for PE’s future role as community activity advocate

M. Gibbons

M. Wolfe

Strategies for Meeting PE through Rope Jumping


Strategies for meeting PE Standards through jump rope… “Jump in”  with our JD George jump team showing you how

C. Wert

Elementary Level PE Profile

Elementary (K-2)

Find out what is happening with the proposed NYS AHPERD Elementary level (K-2) PE Profile

Project LEAPE : L. Herman, A. Houghtaling, A. Marks

Wheelchair Sports


Got wheelchair sports?   Learn about them and try them out too!

J. Thompson & Cortland PE Majors

Spice Up Your Warm-ups

All levels- PE

Back by popular demand…ideas you can use Monday!

D. J. Bevivino

J. Walkuski

Play Hands Free with Sepak

Middle/ High school- PE

Sepak is a wild international game with good application to PE class settings. Try it you’ll like it!

J. Walkuski

Fitness Assessment and Preparation: Not For the Week

All levels- PE

Don’t just give fitness tests- prepare them for it! That’s the theme of this workshop. Rethink the purpose and process of fitness assessing in your program

Cyber Bullying & Sexting

Secondary/Middle Health

M. Morgan


 All levels Health

Teaching the Spectrum of Autism

All levels health

R. Carapella

More Than Sad: Teen Depression


MS Health Ed. Leadership Team

Exciting Lessons for MS Health

MS Health

HS Health Ed. Leadership Team

Exciting Lessons for HS Health

HS Health

G. Scutt

Health Projects with the Community


Need Gear? Stop by the Major’s Club for professional polo shirts and other items! Try it on, order it up, look sharp!