Teacher's Name: __Jeremy West_____________           Observer: ________________________

Class Taught: _EDU 255_____________________               Date: ___12/3/2010_______________

Lesson Focus: __Sport Stacking – 6-6 Stack____________________________________

Directions: Write down the statements the teacher makes to the entire class, not to groups or individuals, about motor skills - not about behavior or management. At times you may need to abbreviate but try to capture the intent of the meaning. When the lesson is over, classify each statement as informing (task), extending (tasks), refining (cues), or applying (challenges), then graph the statements in the order in which they occur.

Example: 1. Throw the ball at a target on the wall (Inform)

1. Once you get tagged, I want you to do one of four things either clench your fist and release, arm circles, sh—shoulder stretch, or triceps stretch. (informing)

2. Take three in your right hand and two in your left hand. (refining)

3. Now what you’re gonna do is go right, left, right, left, right (refining)

4. So, what I want you to do is find a partner that has a mat or just find a partner and when you go to your partner you’re gonna choose either the 3-3-3, 3-6-3, or 6-6 stack to compete against your partner. (informing)

5. Alright so let’s try the… let’s do… start off with a 3-stack. (informing)