Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays!  What an exciting month this has been, as we wrap up an amazing year.  Our biggest news is that we are now proud owners of a house!  We closed on a beautiful property just a few days ago.  We kicked off December with our big Celebration & Fundraising Party, bringing together more than a hundred people, building community, celebrating how far we've come together, and raising money to bring this vision to life.

This is a special time of year when we remind each other of the importance of family, both chosen and of blood, and come together to celebrate community and the hope for a better world.  Let's remind each other of the light we each bring to the season and the magic that can happen when we come together to create the kind of world we want to live in.

We Bought a House!

On Thursday, December 23rd, at 11am, the Lucy Stone Cooperative closed on the house near Dudley Square.  The house is a beautiful, old Victorian Mansard, with 11 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, plenty of common space, and a huge yard.  Check out photos of the house in our Facebook album.

Closing on our house is a major milestone and we're incredibly grateful to all the folks who helped us along the way on this journey.  Our team has spent a lot of time lately signing paperwork, calling contractors, learning legalese, signing checks, debating, interviewing housemates, crying, listening, laughing, visioning, and singing.   We look forward to a lot more of some of those and a lot less of others...

2010 Celebration and Fundraising Party

Our party this year was a huge success!  Over a hundred friends, family, co-opers, activists and people of faith came together to celebrate the vision of the Lucy Stone Cooperative and help to move it forward.  We danced to great music, ate good food, created a big community map of our connections with each other, and saw a slideshow of the events from the last year of the Cooperative.  We also raised over $6,000!

What a joy to celebrate with you all.

2010: The Year in Review

What a year that has been!  Here are a few of the highlights of 2010:

See more of what what we've been up to as well as some statistics.


Year-end Giving

"Giving tells me that the income I earn—large or small – does not define who I am. Giving teaches me, over and over, about my dependence upon others, and theirs upon me. Ultimately, it teaches me to place my trust in something other than money. To understand that my security does not lie in material things. Rather, my security lies in community."

- Rev. Cecilia Kingman Miller, Unitarian Universalist minister

If you would like to make a year-end, tax-deductible donation to the Lucy Stone Cooperative to support our programs and capital expenses, please do so on our website.

Many blessings in the new year!

In cooperation,

Elizabeth, Greg, Heather, Hilary, Matt, Rae, and Rowan

The Lucy Stone Cooperative Planning Team