WCMCC Inc.                                                                                               Sept2012



Principal leader of the Club

  1. Chair committee and AGM meetings according to standard procedures.
  2. Be aware of Club racing rules and desired values.
  3. Encourage all officers, volunteers and riders to always achieve the best they can.
  4. Be an impartial mediator when or if a dispute occurs.
  5. Listen to and note all members suggestions towards making our Club improve. Implement these suggestions via Committee or AGM meetings.
  6. Represent the Club at State and National levels.


The principal role is to act in the position of the President in his/her absence which usually entails:

  1. Chairing Committee Meetings
  2. Conducting any other duties undertaken by the President.
  3. Delegation of duties to other committee members to ensure the smooth running of the club.

Other duties carried out by the current Vice President but not necessarily duty bound to the position:

  1. Signature to finance/banking arrangements.
  2. Road Events Traffic Controller and marshal coordinator.
  3. Referee Roster coordinator.
  4. Special events – assist Secretary in promotion and information dissemination.
  5. Purchase cool drinks and ice and deliver to road events.


The key administration officer of the club, providing communications between members, the committee and other organisations.

  1. Set out Agendas for meetings. Take minutes of meetings. Circulate minutes to committee members. File Minutes.
  2. Deal with correspondence received and dispatched and bring matters of concern to the Council for attention of the committee. File correspondence.
  3. Set out, print and circulate race programmes. Liaise with various authorities, Race Manager, schools, etc. when necessary.
  4. Order medallions and ribbons for championship races. Order and pick up trophies for various races and points competitions. Provide engraving instructions to trophy suppliers or engravers.
  5. Record race results and other information for circulation to members in the newsletter. Print newsletter, stuff envelopes and mail. Maintain list of addresses on labels.
  6. Keep membership list. Send monthly membership lists to the AVCC with insurance and AVCC membership fee payments.
  7. Co-ordinate Race Management with Road Traffic Management manager and liaise with Racing Secretary.
  8. Sign cheques.
  9. Carry out directions of the Council’s President and committee.
  10. Line up and check riders are present before start of races.
  11. Draw up lap time schedules to try to avoid finishing clashes. Supply same to camera operator. Record lap times and inform riders of number of laps to go.
  12. As finish judge, attempt to take as many placings as possible at race finishes as a backup for the camera operator.
  13. Aid President at the presentation.

Membership Secretary:

Responsible for the administration of membership information.

Race Day Cashier:

Responsible for handling the financial aspects of Race Day.



Laptop Operator:

Responsible for taking Race Day nominations, recording and publishing results.






The handicapper is responsible for gauging ability and grading riders to ensure close and even competition in Graded races, and in allocating Start Times and Groups for Handicap events.


The Treasurer manages the Club financial affairs on behalf of the membership and the Club Committee. Financial knowledge and bookkeeping experience is required.The Treasurer must be numerate and ideally have professional experience of financial accountancy methods and practices.

  1. Receive and payout all club monies and expenses.
  2. Monitor cash flow.
  3. Keep a record of the club’s financial books and receipts.
  4. Provide regular accounts to the club committee and annual accounts for the AGM.
  5. Monitor and advise members on the performance of investment capital on behalf of the club.
  6. Fulfill the role of spokesperson for financial matters on behalf of the club.
  7. Issue receipts.
  8. Forward paperwork to Secretary for filing.

Web Master:

Responsible for maintaining the club website, this primarily involves posting and removing articles as directed by the Committee. There is also scope for provision of technical advice or proposals for appropriate application of ICT solutions to help in the efficient conduct of club business as well as progressing web design and content management improvements.

  1. Post and remove articles as directed.
  2. Establish templates for automatic posting of results from the club laptop.The automation of Race Results and Points Posting’s as currently operated is reliant on the provision of suitable backend templates, thus there will be some maintenance activity required in setting up these structures for each competition as the calendar is released.
  3. Updating the gallery as photos are submitted.

Skill set:

The current hosting solution is a LAMP stack and requires a working knowledge primarily of html with *nix, php & mySQL skills also useful.

General Committee Member:

From time to time a committee member may be requested to take on a role, such as coordinate the website, coordinate the marshals, represent the committee at a cycling associated meeting, source sponsorship for the club etc.

The roles may change depending upon the needs, skills and direction from the executive.

The responsibilities of a general member of a committee are:

  1. Attend meetings whenever possible. Meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month in Belmont.
  2. Advise the secretary / president if unable to attend meetings of the committee.
  3. Participate fully in all committee work and, based on the member’s knowledge and experience assist other committee members where possible.
  4. Occasionally take on an official role at races if required
  5. Pursue the objectives of the members, to be impartial, and broadly represent member interests
  6. Engage through consultation (not dictate) with members.
  7. Clearly and effectively present the views of the members and committee.
  8. Actively contribute to reaching committee consensus.
  9. Vote on motions
  10. Model and reinforce the policies and practices of the club (code of conduct, risk management practices, safety)