Dobrou extensions Manual


DEX is visualisation plugin for amazing free gps logbook software called SportTracks. DEX allows user to visualize tracks managed in SportTracks and display them in Google Earth app. User can easily compare several tracks side-by-side.

Track data (which means speed, heart-rate, cadence, grade etc.) can be visualized as color, width and elevation of track line in GE view. Every part of track can be timestamped - so user can see movement animation of track in Google Earth. Also important parts of tracks can be detected and highlighted in visualisation.

Track can be shown directly in GE as soon as it is selected in SportTracks. Or user can export standalone KML file - and upload it to web, email it etc. Integrated GE window inside ST app is supported too.

Track visualisation offer wide range of export options customizable in configuration dialog. All of them are described later in this document.


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Plugin for SportTracks 3 download HERE

Plugin for old SportTracks 2 download HERE

Bugs,comments etc. -> discussion here


Simply execute provided .st2plugin/.st3plugin file and associated SportTracks app will take care of installation process.

After ST says plugin is installed, it’s ready to start ST and use it.

System requirements

How to use plugin in ST

From SportTracks app interface, this plugin can be used by user in these ways:

  1. Extended KML export - Configure visualisation options and export data to file or directly to Google Earth. Export options are really wide (described later), but in few words they could be described:

  1. Colored track - color based on activity data (speed,elevation,grade...). You can create your own gradient palette - just click on palette image to set new colors in gradient.
  2. Dot-racing (Tracks with time)  - every part of track has its own timestamp. You can use time slider in Google Earth to restrict visible tracks by date. Try to:

  1. Dynamic track width,height,opacity - based on activity data, direction arrows on track...
  2. Export multiple activities at once - select them in "Activity Reports view" and do export. You can even export all activities in logbook - just select last "Total" line in "Activity Reports view" and do export.

  1. Display currently selected activities immediately in Google Earth : All selected activities are shown immediately and together. There are two ways to do this:

  1. When you click "Export -> ENABLE/DISABLE instant export to Google Earth in current view" - when ENABLED - every time you select some activities in current view in SportTracks, they are immediately shown in Google Earth application. (You can place both SportTracks and Google Earth windows side by side - and you have something like new map provider). Standalone desktop Google Earth application is used here. You can edit and customize exported visualisation here.
  2. Google Earth Plugin map provider - GE view is included directly inside SportTracks as new map provider. Google Earth web browser Plugin is used here to show track.

All features work smoothly in "Daily activity" and "Activity Reports" view.

Google Earth map provider and instant view settings

When GE view is enabled, selected activities in "Daily activity" and "Activity reports" view are displayed in GE. You can display multiple activities at once - just select them in "Activity reports" view at same time.

Track visualisation export settings (color,width,etc.) for GE Plugin map provider and GE instant view in KML export dialog can be changed. Just click "Export -> Extended KML export and GE plugin config" and "save" or "preview & save" customized settings.

Google Earth map provider window has few additional buttons that acts as shortcut to often used configuration options, so user don’t have to open config dialog all the time.

To see detailed description of every button, stay with cursor on it and see it’s tooltip description or read following description:

Google Earth instant view:

Visualisation and KML export options description

Visualisation configuration dialog can be opened in two way:

  1. With export action in "Export -> Extended KML export and GE plugin config"
  2. In GE map provider window using it’s menu or "Ops" button.

Configuration dialog is dynamic and always shows only those controls, that can be used in current configuration. (For example if time stamps export is disabled, there are no controls with time stamps details config.)

Completely expanded dialog showing most of export options is shown on following picture.

Tracks export has many dynamic features based on track data. Some settings based on those data sources expects values in correct units (for example custom values range,...).

Here is description od some data sources examples with corresponding units:

  1. SPEED - meters per second
  2. ELEVATION - meters above sea
  3. DISTANCE - travelled distance from the track start in meters
  4. HEARTRATE - beats per minute
  5. POWER - in watts
  6. GRADE - percents
  7. CADENCE - revolution/steps-per-minute

All export settings described here are also described in it’s controls tooltip. So if you don’t know what some checkbox do, just see it’s tooltip.

Buttons in export setting dialog:

Export settings dialog groups structure and settings description:

Screenshots - visualisation examples: