25a.  12 square units                b.  40 cm                c.  36 in                d.  60 cm

26a.  30                b.  6/5                c.  18                d.  -1/2

27a.  Neither                b.  Neither                c.  Perpendicular

28a.  5x                b.  6x + 8                c.  -11a - 12                d.  t - 7/4

29a.  Yes, because....                b.  If a polygon has all sides the same length, then it is a regular polygon.                c.  The converse is not true.  Counterexample:  

30a.  10x + 35                b.          c.                  d.                  

    e.          f.  

31a.  Yes, by SAS        b.  Yes, by SSS        c.  Yes by ASA        d.  Yes, by AAS

   e.  No, donkey theorem        f.  Yes, HL or SSS

32a. II                b. I                c.  VI                d.  IV                e.  III                f. V