Membership is open to men and women 55 years and up.

Tournaments are played on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays on either Mesa Linda or Los Lagos.

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June 7, 2012

Mesa Linda Individual Low Net

White Monuments – Men, Silver Monuments - Women


Entry Fee:  Non-residents  $33 __    Residents $20 ____   Skins  $5 ____

Name _______________________

Play with____________________________________________


Early ____  Late ____      Ride _____  Walk _______ Either ______

Send Entry To:  Jack Price, 215 Via Eboli, Newport Beach  CA 92663

or drop in the slot in the locker room

DEADLINE:  NOON, Wednesday, May 30, 2012



June 21, 2012

Strike Three-Ind Stroke Play


check in 20 minutes before your tee time !

Entry: $40____   Skins $5____                                                                                                                                  

Member ___________________________Early__Late__Ride__Walk__

Play with:__________________________________________________________

Mail form/check payable to ‘CMSGA’ to:

Jim Thornton 2002 Swan Dr Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or place them in the Tournament Chairman slot in the locker room.



Coming Events

June 7

Mesa Linda

June 21

Strike 3

Los Lagos

July 5

Mesa Linda

July 19

3 BB's Teams

Mesa Linda

July 9 & 16

Scotch Cup

Laguna Woods



There was a last minute change for our Member Guest Tournament last Thursday.   We offered members a choice to play either Mesa Linda or Los Lagos.    Because of the low numbers who wanted to play Los Lagos we had to scrub that idea and everyone played Mesa Linda.  Congratulations to Jack Naughton and his guest James Vaughn who posted a net 58 to win the tournament.   Thanks to all that played and made this tournament a success.  We play again June 7th and June 21st.   You still have time to get your entry in for the 7th but do it ASAP because we are limited to 48 players.  It is an Individual Low Net Tournament on Mesa Linda and we will play from the white tees.   The June 21st tournament will be played on Los Lagos white tees.  The format is Individual Low Net after deducting the three highest holes from your total score card.   There was a signup sheet at the desk last Thursday for any club members who would be interested playing on the Costa Mesa Scotch Cup team. CMSGA will play two rounds against a team from Laguna Woods.   We need 18 players and a couple of alternates to complete the team.   If you want to be considered for the team call Jim Thornton (714)545-0195 ASAP.   The Scotch Cup tournament will be played on July 9th at Laguna Woods with the final round played on Mesa Linda July 16th.    Coming events: September 19-20 our Club Championship will be played.  Septgember 20th is our annual General meeting and board elections.   November 15 is the Member/Member Tournament.   Remember all entries must be received 8 days prior to tournaments.  First Thursday tournaments are always played on Mesa Linda – Individual Low Net

John Smith




June 21

Strike Three:  Individual stroke play.   Winners will be based on lowest net score minus your three highest holes.

Pace of Play:  Sorry to harp on this but all of us need to look at our own play.  We had some gaps today.  I will continue to post the top three reasons for slow play at the check in table.   Bad Habits are hard to brake; good habits are hard to form.   Let’s try harder.  Tks.

SCOTCH CUP:  July 9 at Laguna Woods, July 16 on Mesa Linda with lunch.  Call or email Jim to become one of the team of 18.

Did you lose a glove?  Found a right hand glove. Call me.

Congrats to Tom Anderson for a gross 68!  And there was an eagle on #11, not his, mine!  Sorry, had to do it.

Winners, Member-Guest Best Ball:  

T1st @ 58

Ted Doria, Charles Treece  

Jack Naughton, James Vaughan

T3rd @59

Ed Chavez, Ed Stringham

Dan Dague, Jake Jacobson

Paul and Nancy Fulton

Jim Thornton, Laird Hayes


Dave Wilson 2

Jake Jacobson 6

Dave Hauske 8

John Jurczak 10

Ed Chavez 12

Paul Sundermann 16

Jack Naughton 17

Jim Thornton

Tournament Director


WINNERS May 3, 2012

T 1st        Jurczak, John        61

T 1st        Detken, Fred        61

3rd        Aparicio, Arnie        62

T 4th        Swingle, Rick        65

T 4th        McKay, Mike        65

T 6th        Miller, Rick        66

T 6th        Thornton, Jim        66

T 8th        Kelleher, Paul        67

T 8th        Wolter, Mike        67

Closest to Pin                

#2  Fred Detken                

#6  Larry Pagel                

#8  Rick Miller                

#10  Pete Mullally                

#12  Bill Cloud (by 1/2")                

#15  Jack Naughton                

#16  Mike Wolter                

#17  Tom Thomas                

SKINS    0 - 18    $16 each                

Gerry Schomberg  #2 (2), #13 (2)                

Pauk Sundermann  #4 (1)                

Bill Cloud  #7 (3)                

John Jurczak  #9 (2), #12 (2)                

Mike Casey  #17 (1)                

SKINS   19+   $11 each                

Mike Wolter  #1 (3), #8 (1), #18 (2)                

Fred detken  #2 (1)                

Larry Pagel  #6 (1)                

Mike McKay  #12 (2)                

Rick Swingle  #13  (3)                

Pete Mullally  #14 (4)        

1st Thursday

Tournament Director

Jack Price



Here is a rules situation that occurred during our last CMSGA tournament that blazed some new ground with the SCGA rules crew.  Several telephone calls were required to find the appropriate answer.

A CMSGA member was teeing off on a hole on Mesa Linda.  During his downswing, the ball began moving and fell off the tee.  The player tried to alter his swing to miss the ball, but was unable to avoid contacting the ball.

Is it a stroke, or is our player allowed to re-tee the ball because it fell off the tee?  After all, the ball is not in play while it is sitting on the tee!

As it turns out, this situation is covered in Rule 14/1.5 (Intent to strike ball ceases during downswing; Club not stopped but path of clubhead altered to avoid striking ball).  If the player successfully alters his swing and misses the ball, he is considered to have checked his downswing voluntarily (Can you say Kevin Na?).  In that case, our player has not played a stroke and may re-tee the ball without penalty.

However, if the player had not successfully checked his downswing (i.e. he had struck the ball), he is considered to have made a stroke.  By applying this rule, our member had to play his next shot from where the ball came to rest.  He would be hitting his second shot as no penalty strokes were appropriate.

Mike Supple

Handicap Chairman



I would like to welcome two new members to the Costa Mesa Seniors Golf Association.

John Norland   Lake Forest

Paul Maistros   Costa Mesa

Don’t forget to take advantage of your SCGA membership by going to and checking out all that is offered.

Rich Clause

Membership Director