Adding an Image

Adding an Image

Content items are used to present a variety of course material. The Text Editor enables you to format the item’s content, as well as incorporate images, multimedia, and links to files. When it comes to adding images to an item, sometimes it is preferable to have the image display automatically on the page, rather than requiring the students to download and an attached image file.

  1. Access the content area where you want the item to appear.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Build Content button.
  3. Select Item on the drop-menu.

  1. On the Create Item page, type a Name for the item.
  1. Type instructions or a description in the Text box and click the Attach Image button to be able to browse for your image.

  1. In the displayed Insert/Edit Image window,
  1. Locate the image to be embedded into the item using the Browse My Computer or the Browse Content Collection button.
  2. Provide the Image Description defining what the image is of. This is necessary for visually impaired users using screen readers to access digital content.
  3. Click Insert.

  1. Enter file options including Views, and Restrictions.

  1. Click Submit.

The image below illustrates the appearance of a Blackboard item with an embedded image: