Playstuff HL team writeup - UGC Week 6


Firstly, apologies. I have been slacking on these writeups in recent weeks. A combination of factors - maps we’ve already got strats on, maps I don’t know well enough tyop , being busy with uni, and general laziness - have all contributed to that. I will try to keep on top of it more.

Last week went well, with a convincing victory on cp_gullywash, not the easiest map to play on. Let’s keep the momentum going on steel, a map that depends as much, if not more, on good strategy as on individual ability.


One tactic I have been considering is the full-on E rush. It’s not something you could do every round as it would become obvious, but I reckon it could work very well as a surprise tactic, and if we pull it off it will pretty much secure the win for that round. More on that later. For now we will consider a normal A-B-C-D-E push.

A: This is an awkward point to push out onto with the spawn so nearby. There are some decent sightlines towards spawn for the defending sniper, including through the windows to our cliff exit, so be wary of that. I think the main combo should push out immediately up onto cliff and uber down into the closed yard, locating and destroying the sentry and getting aggressive on their combo. Meanwhile the flankers and assassins leave through main and protect the combo’s back from attack from below, and then push round towards the left side of A. Depending on their sentry and combo location they will need to take cover or fall back and wait for our combo to clear up. Then demo stickies up spawn and we cap off A. Simples.

Alternatively, medic stays in spawn with charged uber while some powerclasses bomb and force their uber. Then after respawn we have uber advantage and push out as described above.

When A is capped, the blast doors at A open, allowing quick access to points D and E.

B: Depending on how recently they have dropped power classes and whether or not they attempted to retake A, we can either go the fast connector from A to B (the dropdown) if they have few people alive, or flank round the back through the slow doors at A, via E and hit them from behind if they’re all up and ready for us. They likely won’t be expecting an attack from this angle so a strong push in here should work well. Combo and power classes should focus again on any sentries and the enemy combo and then on locking them in spawn at the wooden doors while our flankers clear up and cap.

When B is capped, the defenders’ spawn moves to between C and D, giving us more control over our side of the map and our side platforms on E.

C: The cliffside doors from B to C open far too slowly, if we wait for those to open the other team will guaranteed be spawned and ready for us. So we will go back in towards E and then cut right onto C. At this point the scout could dance on E for a little bit and get them worried we’re trying to fastcap it, this could help distract them while we work in with the height disadvantage towards C. When you’re moving out onto C try to get out the valley as soon as possible as it’s a death trap down there. Power classes work towards the back ramp and come out guns blazing from the top there, forcing them back into spawn. If you can, get right through to their spawn doors with a heavy and demo and completely shut them in while the team caps.

When C is capped, walkways extend onto E, allowing every class to get on the point to cap.

D: The quickest way from C to D is directly past their spawn, remember to be very careful because they still spawn in that room so watch the doors as you go past. Spawners should  head towards A and enter D from that direction to give two angles of entry. Again, heavy classes need to be up shutting down the entrances and not allowing them to interrupt our cap.

When D is capped, rails extend along the walkways to E, making it safer to cross, and the defenders’ direct spawn exit to E is blocked, forcing them to approach from points C or D.

E: The heavy medic and pyro should be in the entrance from D or on the raised platform covering the D entrance and stopping them entering E from there. Demo and soldier should be looking towards the entrances from C. Everyone else should be capping, spychecking and hassling any push attempts from the enemy (jarate is great for this). Remember, unlike payload carts there is no ceiling on the person-capspeed ratio, so the more bodies there are on the point the quicker our time will be.

When E is capped the round is over :P

E Rush: According to their strategies (nice find Khyber) they’re going with an all-A defence with just a demo guarding E (not even B) so I think this could work very well. If any of you saw this video I posted in the thread you’ll know just how quick a time it is possible to set with this tactic. I think the rush in that video was probably a little obvious (surely defenders at A wonder where everyone is??), so I would want to send some people to A to make it look like we’re not rushing E. So here’s how I would want this to play out, if we go for it:

Heavy, sniper, demo, pyro, spy all peek A. Lots of shooting, making noise, spraying boolets, explosions, generally “Here we come at A, watch out red!”. Medic stays in spawn with his charged uber. Engineer has a fully built sentry and tele entrance at this point. Soldier (running pain train) and scout escort engie with the lv3 sentry round through B, and quickly deal with the demo at E if he’s still there. As soon as these flankers approach B, everyone at A pulls back and legs it towards E through B as quickly as possible. Once they arrive, scout and soldier jump E, giving us x4 cap. Soldier and sniper spam/guard the window, heavy/medic and pyro counter their pushes from the spawn door, with uber if necessary. Spy should cover B in case they attempt to come out that spawn exit and flank round us.


A: Sentry should probably be at the back right of the point, giving it good long wrangler sightlines and convenient for the big metal as well as shelter from cliff. Sniper should initially be at the big rocks looking towards their two spawn exits, and then near the sentry preventing long-range spam. Heavy medic demo pyro should be on/around the point guarding against cliff pushes as well as being prepared to shift to rock area to counter from there. Soldier can jump the cliff and spam down, or hassle from the health hut. Spy and scout should be at B, calling VERY loudly if they attempt a rush through B (if this happens, EVERYONE move immediately to E). If they do push any classes through onto B, try to get picks, particularly a medic or an engie. If they get a decent sentry up at B, losing A will mean losing B almost without a fight.

B: Sentry on the balcony beside metal, or far right near the truck wrangling down towards spawn exits. Heavy/medic/pyro on the left of the point ready to jump down over the ledge onto pushers in valley. Sniper near truck or wherever you can get shots from. Demo/soldier on their side balcony preventing them getting a foothold there. Scout watching the blast door back route from A to E and calling if they’re going to push from there.

C: Sentry either on the balcony by health, or tucked in at the top of the rear ramp. Heavy medic pyro up on the point waiting to mow down pushers (beware demo spam and snipers from cliffs). Demo and scout up on cliffs locking down slow doors (there’s health and ammo just beyond them, if you can push them back out that area you should be able to hassle them here for a long time). Soldier on point and checking connector to E every so often. Sniper countersniping from the point or wherever needed, spy flanking round behind on B, letting us know where they’re pushing from and taking picks if the opportunity arises.

D: This point is horrible to defend, and depending how we do at defending C it may not even be practical to do so. Consider going directly to E while we still have the chance, flanking if possible through there. Sentry should be in the corner, power classes locking down various chokes. If their first push fails, it’s unlikely they’ll come all the way back round through C again, so priority is the direct entrance from A.

E: The best way I feel to hold E is to push in on both sides from D and from the A shortcut. If we lock down the A blast doors with a sentry, we have that entire side safe to push E through, and their only entrance is through B which we can choke out. Play this one reactively - let them group up a decent amount on the point, then push back in and destroy them, retaking the room. Spy please keep on top of their teleports - if they can tele people in unopposed the weight of numbers will overwhelm us quickly.

Caster’s Fact Sheet


UGC Highlander Season 6 Week 6

Playstuff’s record - 3 wins, 2 losses

10 week competition

Playoffs at end of season

Map: cp_steel

Final point E can be captured at any time

Each other point captured makes capturing E easier

next week’s map: pl_swiftwater_ugc


Best of 3

ABBA(AB) - Team A sets time #1, Team B attempt to beat time #1, Team B sets time #2, Team A attempt to beat time #2 (if one win each, Team A sets time #3, Team B attempts to beat time #3)

Stopwatch mode


The High Laybacks

record - 3 wins, 2 losses


Class limit 1

Banned items: Set hats, Reserve Shooter (pyro/soldier shotgun), Enforcer (spy pistol), Machina (sniper rifle), Pomson 6000 (engie shotgun), Phlogistinator (flamethrower) Holiday Punch (heavy gloves), Bombinomicon (misc item)